The Aftermath!

Wow, what a week! My visiting friends are gone, the commitments for food and drink are over…it’s freezing outside (but I did manage to go on a walk or two), and my apartment is even super duper clean. We stay pretty low key around here for any and all holidays—we’re just not fancy party kind of people. But we did take the time to see our families this week. I’m glad—and I have all but Monday of this coming week off from work. So I have another new baby to meet, and a very lovable nephew to steal hugs from. I hope his Dad wants to share him for most of the week! I do, however, have to remind myself that I have no income until the end of January. Wanna go to dinner?  Me too—but I’m not gonna!  Well, with the exception of New Year’s Eve when Joe and I go out to dinner.  Party?  No, just dinner.  We did stay up to midnight last year, I swear.

I really wasn’t good at taking pics over the last few days (am I ever?), but I have a few.

Our christmas tree (can you tell what it's made out of?)
Night time view
Rye bread---from my mom to Joe---why do we buy grocery store bread when this is so much better (and cheap & easy with a bread machine)?
Framed picture of my Love. Every time I look at this, I melt.
Christmas fridge collection---people we care about
Olive oil---Joe clarifed with the giver (Fred)---for drizzling, not for cooking!
I bought this about 6 years ago, and it is leaning, but not "up"---I think I prefer it leaning.
Last and Least: My textbooks for Jan-May. I just said I have this week off, then I tested my stress level on the biofeedback card and I was "most stressed." These books may be the source of that.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and holiday if  you celebrated.

101 thoughts on “The Aftermath!”

  1. Beautiful “tree”!! And that picture of Matthew is AMAZING!!! What a handsome little guy he is! 🙂

  2. Thanks—- I love that picture of him. He looks so much like his mom in it when she was little (but he will deny that forever and say that he looks just like his dad!).

  3. Is the tree made from grape vines? My mom once made one, it was so beautiful that she put it in the garden when the Christmas season was over. Yours is beautiful too!

  4. Hi Dave,
    Yep, it's grape vines. Joe made it…and it seemed so much more convenient to pull that thing out of storage and plug in the lights than to actually get a tree!
    I like the idea of putting it outside…I made him dust it, but I don't think that was very effective.
    Happy New Year!

  5. Hi there! First time on your blog and might I say, I stumbled on the right post. What a great picture story! Looking forward to reading more about you!

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