I’ll Fly, You Buy…

It was Sunday night. Joe was starving, and I was sick (and had been sitting at the computer for too many hours)…so I offered to run to the Owl House for take out.

The Cherub---steak and portobello with some kind of aioli....I took a bite and it really was awesome.
This looks gross in my bad phone pic, but I can't begin tell you how awesome it was---chocolate mousse (avocado based) with pear, strawberry, banana, and cacao nibs.

Why didn’t I get dinner?

Because I had the dumb idea earlier to make cookies and I was full (but that didn’t stop me from getting mousse. Makes sense, huh?). I used a recipe from Angela at Oh She Glows—and she takes the time to take real pictures of her food (not to mention, she makes up the recipes).  Don’t get me wrong, the cookies were really great, but I ate 6 of them.

And yes, you can make cookies in the Vita-mix if you’re too lazy to get out the food processor for the walnuts, etc.

Dry ingredients
Oh, so satisfying...(and probably a little noisy for the neighbors)
I skipped a few steps, but you've all seen cookie dough. Here they are.

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