A New Place to Cast Your Vote in Rochester!

Yesterday, Joe and I met my Dad and his wife at the Owl House on Marshall Street.  The pictures are from my phone, so they’re not great, but this place was worth taking pictures of!

The Owl House -- lots of real food on the menu, so I'll forgive them for the tofu and fake meat stuff!
A piece of the menu - there are a few appetizers, soup (yesterday's was tomato pumpkin bisque that was vegan and gluten free), salads, and lots of sandwiches. Most things were or could be made vegan and gluten free. My dad was a little sketchy on whether or not he'd find something he'd want---the Cherub filled the bill (a steak sandwich)
Joe's Lentil Burger. He liked it. A lot. In fact, he's already planning when he can go back for another. I asked him why it was so good---he said---it was good. And big.
The Hummus and Roasted Veg sandwich. This was mine--side of greens (but you could choose home made chips). I loved this.

Lynn got the same thing as Joe (plus cheese), and she had been there before with friends.  She said everyone enjoyed their food.  I’m convinced I’ll be back—I want to cast my vote for the food and the atmosphere, so a place like that will stay open.  There aren’t many places like this around here that emphasize local ingredients (or help you be vegan and gluten free if you want to be), and when people have tried it in other areas of the city they just charge more than people will pay.  I wish I took a picture of the outside of the restaurant because it’s this little house on Marshall Street (right across from the Abundance Co-op—-which is another reason to go to that neighborhood).  The inside is trendy and has local art on the walls (for sale).  The back patio looked fun too…but way too cold for now.  They have upstairs and downstairs seating—we were downstairs, and I was really happy to see how many people were coming in for lunch on a freezing cold Saturday. Oh, and if you like beer?  You definitely need to check this place out—the beer menu was three times longer than the food menu.

Who wants to meet there for lunch this week?  How about Thursday? Let me know.

4 thoughts on “A New Place to Cast Your Vote in Rochester!”

  1. Hey Lisa! I've been to The Owl House a couple of times myself and we love it there! I was there this summer and sat on the patio, it was great. Love local, affordable food with so many veggie/gluten free/vegan options!

    I heart the co-op too! I was just there this morning!

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