Extra Spongy Monday

Usually on Mondays I get up extra early to grade papers (since the online school week ends on Sunday night for a couple schools I teach for), but I ended two classes yesterday and already graded the final exams. What does this mean? I got to go to the gym at 5am! Lucky me, right?  I’m thrilled—it changes my entire day.  It means that after I go teach a class this morning, I can grade papers for my other classes, and then go back to teach another class at 2…and then I have the evening relatively free from 3pm on. What should I do?  Petra has dance, so we can’t go on a walk—anyone else walk fast enough for me?  We do about 6 miles in 80 minutes.

Maybe I’ll read a book, go in the sauna, take a late (7pm—yes, that’s late to me) yoga class, make something fun in the kitchen…the options are endless! I think I’m going to practice being in the moment—instead of planning it out now, I’ll wait till 3:00, and then decide based on how I feel right then. Would that work for you?  I usually don’t do that—I’m more of an obsess and plan (and re-plan) type of person. Kids are good at it–they base their actions on (1) their surroundings, (2) their feelings, (3) their energy level. They soak up the inputs like a sponge, and then do what feels right. What a concept!

My little photog took pictures of everything this weekend, including of the tv (on) and my phone pic of him in last year's halloween costume (which he did not trick-or-treat in because he was sick). This year, he'll be an "army." Still deciding if it's appropriate for him to carry a toy grenade...definitely not to school. He'll be 7 on Thursday---old man.
Joe's creation---fajitas? Close enough---and (surprisingly) good and healthy too.
Kombucha is back. Joe's drinking it now too. It's definitely better than my home brew, but totally different so difficult to compare. Waiting for Weg to get grape and strawberry.
Possibly this evening's book---after last week's class with him at NYWCC. Fun! When are we going to another one?

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