We’ve Got Kombucha, and Other Random Musings About Food

Today is the day that my kombucha is finally ready to drink. Kristina and I bought our kombucha brewing kits from the Happy Herbalist, and started brewing about three weeks ago.  We were both pretty overwhelmed by the entire process, but we persevered!

I will admit, though, that we had a few conversations about how the entire process (read: the SCOBY) was kind of creepy and we were a little scared to deal with this whole fermenting thing.

I used Pu Erh tea for this kombucha, and it is awesome. It's similar to the flavor of plain GT's kombucha, except it's not fizzy. Now for continuous brewing, I can just add up to 10% of the total volume per day of room temp sugar/tea, and it will ferment overnight!
Joe's favorite purchase from Trader Joe's---he had to make waffles last night for dinner, and who am I to argue?
Teach a man to make waffles and you've fed him for a lifetime...or something like that.
If it looks like a healthy snack, but it tastes like dessert...it's still dessert.
After meeting my weekly bread-quota last night, salad was on the menu this evening. This salad was made with the last of the leftovers from the juice cleanse: chopped romaine, roasted beets, and microgreens from my porch garden. The other stuff is: chopped almonds, salad booster, cultured ginger carrots, whole grain raw mustard, and a scoop of vegan sour cream. Not a very pretty salad, but very delicious...should have added an apple, but I forgot.

I also made protein ice cream today (cherry vanilla)—and I’m proud to say I have not been to Wegmans since Saturday, which could be a record for me, but it also means if I don’t go tomorrow I will be foraging in the freezer for something edible.

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