Third Day’s a Charm? Or a Bust? Either Way, it Feels Like Success to Me.

Day 1 containers came back empty (success!), the Friends enjoyed the juice and were only a little antsy for food in the evening...more out of habit rather than out of hunger.
Fruit Juice #1 for Day 3: Kiwi Strawberry
This pic was taken by my assistant and aspiring photog, Matthew.
Mid-assembly, another Matthew pic. He helped put lids on cups, assembled the entire Greenstar juicer by himself (except lining up the gears) with my instruction as I washed the Juiceman, and...
...insisted on manning the plunger (until his arms got tired).
"ewwwwwwwwwww, look at that stuff coming out!"
One more pic from the photog...he was about to submerge the camera lens and see "what kind of picture that would take"...but I stopped him, even though he informed me that if the camera got ruined I could just buy a new one.

Fruit Juice #2 was: pineapple and peaches (peaches taste great, but are SO foamy when juiced).

The veg juices are all the same: watermelon, apple, cilantro, parsley, lime, lettuce (LOTS of lettuce from the farmer’s market), ginger, cucumber.

My juicing is going really well—I wasn’t crazy about the beet juice for Day 2, but I’ve had worse for sure. Joe is feeling a little…off, and well, the Friends are teetering on the edge. Not really, but Friend #1 may have given it up after being tortured all day at work with co-workers eating yummy-smell-good-takeout. Friend #2 is still just a little antsy for dinner, more out of habit and desire for the enjoyment of eating than for hunger.

I told them they can return whatever portion of juice they do not drink during Day 3. Friend #1 has to work, so that may be tough, assuming the same situation will occur with people eating.  Friend #2 is playing golf tomorrow, and coincidentally so is Joe—and neither one of them plans to ditch the plan during the day.  Joe has already made his whole grain pasta and pomodoro sauce for tomorrow night’s pre-race dinner.

I’m happily observing…no temptations really–the apples look good, but I can wait till Sunday. Matthew and I will be helping with the Autism Council’s soccer clinic tomorrow and then going school shopping.  He ate pizza, a cucumber, and half a whole-grain english muffin with homemade jam tonight.  I have no idea why, but I easily resisted sneaking a bite (and I’m pretty happy that he ate a cucumber)!

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