Juiced Up and Ready to Go!

Day one of Juicing went well for me. I drank one fruit juice (and skipped the kombucha because it’s not ready yet), but other than that I stuck to green juice and tea.  Joe just told me that he has had enough watermelon juice, and that I should give the rest to the Friends. I chuckled to myself on this one—somehow I knew his 80 ounces of watermelon juice combos would be a bit much…but I’m glad I let him figure it out on his own!

Anyway, onto tomorrow’s juices! Joe stopped at a Farm Stand and got beets (way too many…one beet goes a looooooong way in juice!), apples, and cucumbers.  I went to the South Wedge Farmer’s Market and got two kinds of peaches, purple grapes, and a few different lettuces (that I’ll use tomorrow). Thankfully, Joe helped me by juicing half a watermelon (for me to use as a base for several juices) and cleaning up the Juiceman (I had already juiced the peaches and the grapes by the time he got home).

Peaches, white and regular...juiced with ginger (hope they liked this one cuz I made it again!)
Not sure why, but the grape juice is extremely foamy (which is super-delicious and smooth...but still weird). This was mixed 1:1 with apple juice.
The three Fruit Juices for Day 2: carrot-orange-cucumber-pear-apple; grape-apple; peach-ginger. They're all good!
The base for the veggie juices: watermelon! I didn't take pics of the veg juices because, frankly, they were UGLY.

Veg Juice #1: romaine, beet, carrot, cilantro, parsley, watermelon, celery

Veg Juice #2: cucumber, lime, ginger, watermelon, apple

We’ll see how it goes!  The plans for when to drink what are the same as yesterday. I’m just finishing a green juice right now–and it still tastes good, so that’s a good sign–I’m not sick of it yet!  I was tempted to bite an apple as I cut them up, but I resisted.

Here’s the tea I’ve been drinking with a small scoop of local buckwheat honey:

I'm lovin' the loose tea! This has orange and ginger in it.
Pu Erh Tea (from China)

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