Talk It Out With Your Person!

I’m feeling better today, and an hour (or so) chat with my mom last night helped a lot too (you know, for all my mental anguish!). I feel bad for anyone who doesn’t know my Mom—she’s one of those people you couldn’t possibly not like.  Back in the day, she and my Great Aunt Deedy, who is another one of those likable-good-to-the-core people, were really the people who shaped how I see the world.  My Dad was definitely important too (and I even wrote an essay in school about how he was my idol), but it was in a different way.  I won’t talk about him here because I know he reads this—sorry Dad, I couldn’t resist saying that!  But really, my Dad and I have been through a lot together and I’m really glad we are close.

Mimi and Matthew on a ride at Disney---She will never let him know how tired she might be (or bored, depending on the activity!), and she has this uncanny ability to never lose her patience. Ever. He's so lucky to have her as his Mimi.

My Mom will do anything I tell her to do (hehehe).  I’m not kidding–she is my biggest supporter, she values the knowledge I have, and she trusts whatever I say.  From my perspective, she’s a great wellness-guinea pig, and at the same time I look at some things she’s had to deal with and I want to fix everything for her.

My Mom is My Person.  I could go on and on about this, but I really just wanted to say how great it is to have My Person there when I need her.  I hope you have someone in your life like her too.

It’s also great to have My Food to go to when I need it!

…Which is why I have another batch of Blondie Macaroons in the dehydrator and Joe is at the store buying avocados. I made a great green smoothie today too—cilantro, parsley, grapefruit, blue green algae, lime, romaine, cuke, stevia.  It came out like applesauce (only green) and tasted great—I love lime!

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