Labor Day – Laboring and a Little Reflecting

What a great Monday—many people have the day off, my apartment is totally clean (thanks to Joe for the motivation and teamwork to get it all done, and not just a part of it like I would have done on my own!), Joe is in Buffalo running, I’m going to yoga in a little while, I found exactly what I need for my home office, I just re-ordered some of my favorite products, the macaroons are almost done dehydrating, the kombucha (which turns out not to be ruined by the hot weather and no a/c last week) is still brewing and now I understand how to deal with it, and I have the entire day to grade 7 classes worth of work from last week.  So, the last part doesn’t sound fabulous, but at least I have time to do it and not feel rushed.

Blondies in the Works.

Also, I’m meeting with two people tonight who want me to help them do a juice cleanse later this week.  I’m excited—I think it will be fun (and I might as well do it with them since I’ll be making all the juice!).  Note: if you’re local, and you want to join in on the fun, let me know! Juice pick-up will be in the evening for the following day. I’m going to ask them if I can blog about them, but who knows if they want their business out here for all to read (hopefully, they will though!). If not, I’ll just be vague and talk about it anyway without giving away who it is. That’s ok, right?

Plus…I found this last week: Rochester Raw Food/Vegan Meetup.

Want to come with me?  I’m perfectly happy going alone, but I know some of you would have fun too—Dave, Petra, Miranda, Mom, Kyle, Lisa B?  Anyone? Actually, maybe I should go to the first one and then let you all know if it’s worth it! Stay tuned on that one. And don’t forget to keep next June open so we can go to Oklahoma and become raw chefs!  (I’m not actually kidding about that, but we’ll see if rationality or reality sets in).

After my One Lucky Weekend, I told my mom that I would like gift cards to One Lucky Duck/Pure Food and Wine in the future as gifts instead of money (my mom always gives me money as gifts–because that’s what I ask for). Usually, I intend to do something fun with the money, but it just goes in the bank and gets spent on whatever (which is often fun stuff–based on my spending habits–but I don’t notice that it indirectly came from my mom).

Joe and I had been contemplating visiting different places around the country in the next 4 years to be totally informed when we decide where to end up (after our tentative move to Canandaigua next summer)—so this Christmas we thought we’d head to Memphis or Austin…and then we talked about it and went back to our original plan of going to South Beach. Can’t wait to visit Life Food Gourmet while we’re in the area. So, the next Lucky Weekend will most likely be in the spring (when subway travel is not so necessary—we prefer to walk).

What fun places are you going in the next year?

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