Improvising, Fall Food, Portion Distortion, and Super Pudding!

I wanted (needed) a salad and had no I used a whole tray of microgreens--it was good, just slightly spicy. Beets tinted the apples pink, and I think sometimes improvising to yield pretty results makes up for a possible lack in deliciousness. But it wasn't bad!
Macs are ready! I am patiently waiting for Empires, but Macs will do. What's your favorite apple?
Without naming names, let's take a look at Snack A vs. Snack B. Snack A is a homemade whole grain muffin (I swiped a sample...pineapple!), and Snack B is a piece of chocolate junk from the vending machine (Its owner also downed a Mountain Dew simultaneous to eating it). Who felt better for the rest of the morning? Snacker A or Snacker B? ...After the potential sugar/caffeine crash, that is!
What goes through your head when you see this section in the health food store? My brain says, "I NEED SOME OF THOSE THINGS?!" ...and then I try and think of reasons to experiment with new things...
In a moment of weakness....a yummy mistake!
Zucchini pasta with pesto, tomatoes, cukes, and goat cheese---this is fab. Why is pesto SO good??
Pudding: avocado, cacao powder, sunwarrior protein, frozen bananas, vanilla extract, agave, xanthan gum, guar gum

8 thoughts on “Improvising, Fall Food, Portion Distortion, and Super Pudding!”

  1. Honeycrisp all the way… or Sweet Tango. I am fortunate enough to live next door to the largest macintosh orchard in the world. LOVE this time of year!

  2. Hi Andrea,
    I've never had Sweet Tango! It sounds fab…I'll have to be on the lookout for those. I just sampled Honeycrisp in the grocery store the other day—wow!

  3. Lisa-
    Love the website and the great info! Hope all is well- you look great! Ever used squash in a smoothie?? Just curious as the fall season offers so many options and colors!

  4. Hi Andrea,
    Thanks! I haven't used squash yet (but you must be reading my mind, because I've been planning a squash ice cream/smoothie for this weekend!)—-I did use pumpkin puree once, which I suppose is close taste-wise, but I'm going to start the squash by steaming it. …I'll post it when I make it!

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