One Lucky Weekend

For my birthday, Joe wanted to take me to NYC, and visit a restaurant that I’ve had my eye on for several years. Between Saturday and Sunday, we visited One Lucky Duck at Chelsea Market, Pure Food and Wine, and One Lucky Duck Juice and Takeaway (both at 17th and Irving Place). I think maybe the best part of all of this for me was that Joe was as excited about going to a raw restaurant as I was. Here’s how it went:

First stop: Chelsea Market. I had the lasagna, which is impossible to see here because of the container it comes in...but really, you don't need to see it. You just need to know that it will make you so happy you want to die.
Joe had the spicy thai wraps---I had a bite. We both thought they were amazing.
a Mallomar. I wasn't sure about this one, but I couldn't not get it after the number of tweets I've seen from Sarma about it. This was beyond fabulous!
This speaks for itself---and it also renewed my motivation to start juicing more at home (as soon as I go to the grocery store or a farmer's market)
Raw chocolate chip cookies...I swear I did not eat all 6 at lunch, but I totally wanted to.
Joe got a smoothie and drank it so fast I didn't get a picture...or maybe I was just too focused on my mallomar!
Dinner at Pure Food and Wine (we were early birds, just like we like it!)
How happy am I? Unfortunately, my current allergy situation (thanks, ragweed) has caused my eyes to be red and puffy and to water continuously for a week. But this discomfort and icky appearance was overshadowed at PF&W (and thankfully Joe must like me for my personality)
We had a tough time deciding on what to get...
Joe had beer. I tasted it---gross, but he liked it.
Joe's king oyster mushroom scallops
My salad
Acai Sun Tini
Joe's raviolis
My squash blossoms
Classic sundae (I'd say we shared this, but I think Joe had two bites)
Definitely the best sundae I've ever had---Joe agreed.
On the way out...we'll be back!
We also went to Trader Joe's. Joe wanted some kind of pancake mix recommended by some running superstars, and I wanted the sunflower seed butter. Why is everything so cheap in Trader Joe's? Is it weird that aside from Sarma's establishments our main points of destination in NYC were Trader Joe's and Whole Foods?

We stayed at Hotel Indigo, which is owned by Holiday Inn (I think), but it has a “green” theme—high efficiency, recycled materials, etc.  It is pretty new, and it was a great place to stay—I wasn’t even worried a little bit about the whole bed bug outbreak!

We probably walked 10 miles on Saturday (I’m not kidding, my feet still hurt), and on Sunday morning we went to One Lucky Duck Juice and Takeaway for juice, smoothies, and snacks before heading home (Eva was fabulous, friendly, and helpful!).  I took all the pics during this trip with my phone (and left my charger in the car), so by Sunday morning my phone didn’t have enough charge left to take any more pics.

My cousin, who lives in LA, was visiting her friend in the city, so we met up with her and she rode back to Rochester with us.  She asked what we did in the city…I began to explain, but her reaction to the raw restaurant (“OH! EW!”) made me realize she wasn’t going to get it.  She also wanted to stop at TGI Fridays on the way home, and ordered buffalo wings and a half rack of ribs.  Gross. I felt like stepping inside that establishment was somehow disrespecting my fabulous raw weekend, but I’m not going to let that happen.

When Joe and I left PF&W on Saturday evening, we both decided it was the best food we’d ever had, and it would be totally easy to eat 100% raw if we could eat there exclusively…I mentioned that I would certainly love to learn to make it (and make great use of my kitchen gadgets, I might add!), and all I would have to do is attend a raw chef school… great idea, right?

Who wants to go to NYC with me soon?!  I don’t know how long I can wait to go back…

10 thoughts on “One Lucky Weekend”

  1. Haha, right…like you're really free, Ms Busy. I'm going to start saving my $5-ers so I can go back (I originally thought I'd save change, but I don't want to wait that long!).
    I'm also up for Cruda Cafe in Toronto….

  2. Pure Food & Wine is always on my wish list when we go to NYC but I always get shot down. Your pics look fab! Where could we open a raw cafe/juice bar?
    Lisa B

  3. As your ex-personal trainer, I think I can write you a prescription for PF&W? Tell your hubs that it will make him run faster (I told Joe that and it ignited the interest level)…or just meet me there and leave him at a baseball game…

    I'm in! Sign me up! Where for the cafe? No clue (yet), but for sure it would be the most fun (and healthiest) job ever.

  4. Please get recipes for all this super good looking fare. Or at least tell us what we are looking at in each dish. You cheat that's not fair , to make our mouth water from pure desire.

  5. Good point, Wy! I should have provided a link to the menu… and then click on the Restaurant tab, and you'll find the menu there. The only thing not on there will probably be the classic sundae, which was a scoop of vanilla, a scoop of chocolate, chocolate sauce, and crunchy almond slivers….it was so fab! I think the ice cream had a coconut base. I'm going to try and make it soon so I'll keep you posted on that!
    I have Sarma's “cook” books, so for the recipes that are in there from this meal, I'll try them and share!

    Thanks for the comment,

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