Summer Challenge! Are you up for it?

My friend Petra thrives on challenges. I do too, but not quite to the extent that she does.  This is a good thing because when we’re in the mood to be challenged together, we do joint challenges.  You may remember Petra’s Local August challenge last year, when she ate only local food for a whole month.  It was a great challenge and she gained a lot of knowledge and benefit from it.

For our challenge this summer, we decided to make it more about physical activity. We welcome you to join us!

Here it is:

Between now and Labor Day, do some kind of physical activity 45 times. We started yesterday, so if you want to subtract one workout or add a day, please do.

This must include a minimum of 10 activities that you do not normally do. So for me, I have to do 10 things that are not Anusara yoga, the elliptical, or walking. Petra has to do 10 things that are not Irish dancing, walking, or Anusara yoga.  This may be a little difficult, but that’s what makes the challenge fun!

Are you in?  Will you join us?  Keep us updated if you do—it’s more fun when more people participate.

Now here’s the bonus challenge:

Ingest the equivalent of 2lbs of greens everyday.

It’s not impossible, I swear.  I’ll do another post about ways to reach that goal tomorrow if I stay in Rochester—As far as I can tell there’s no free wi-fi in Penn Yan, and I have papers to grade and two more classes starting. I’ll be back up to 6 classes by next Monday and I need to reintroduce myself to 4:30am—it’s been a great break for the last two weeks……sigh.

Anyway, join our challenge or come up with your own! It’s summer—have fun with becoming well instead of looking at it like it’s a chore.

Happy Independence Day!  How are you celebrating?

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