Summer Vacation

The last vacation I went on was to the Kripalu Institute last summer for a yoga workshop.  It was awesome, and Desiree Rumbaugh not only helped me change (improve) my yoga practice, but it also motivated me to try Blue Lotus Yoga in Rochester when I returned home. All I can say is Anusara yoga is exactly what I needed, and I have gotten better at yoga in this one year than I could have gotten in ten years doing power vinyasa.

My point about that vacation was that it wasn’t really vacation, aside from the fact that I wasn’t at work. I understand how all the city people who went to Kripalu really enjoyed “roughing it.” I, on the other hand, do not like to rough it. At all. The dorm-style shared bathroom thing just really grossed me out. At the time, I couldn’t afford a room in the brand new Annex building (private bathroom, etc.). If I ever go there again, I will splurge. For sure. I don’t want it to sound bad, because if you don’t find the dorm-thing gross, everything else about the place is fine.

And it’s very rural. Lots of woods, a lake, bugs….stuff like that. Reminded me of Guyanoga or Fred Taylor Rd (i.e. Home).

Fast forward to this summer.

Matthew and my Mom and I are going to Disney World. When I told Matthew we were going, he was kind of quiet. Then a couple minutes later he told me he thinks he’s too old for Mickey Mouse and he wasn’t sure he’d like Disney World. He was concerned he was hurting my feelings (my sweet little boy), but I reassured him we’d find something for him to do there, and he seems to be pretty excited now.  Off the wall, actually.

I’m excited too. Traveling with my Mom has always been one of my favorite things to do—we are the same, we can be totally honest with each other. We share food. When I went on vacation with my mom last time, I lost weight. Is that possible?  On vacation?

We walk, we talk, we eat when we are hungry.  It’s relaxing and fun, and really satisfying.

This vacation will be a little (a lot) different because of Matthew being with us. Here are the details. We’re staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge for 5 nights. We have no itinerary and will make it up as we go. I was telling someone about our trip this week, and she said when she took her boys, they had the trip scheduled out to the minute——on day 2, the boys were saying they wanted to go home!

Matthew is 6 years-old, and I have no idea what his endurance will be.  I’m pretty sure he can be on the go for a while if I keep him fed when he’s hungry and rested when he’s tired. Luckily, he’s old enough to tell us what he needs. It’s also going to be hot (YAY!). Someone must be telling Matthew about the heat because the other night when we were discussing what we should take with us, he said, “Maybe we should bring a fan.”

Vacation. It’s a great thing—no work for a whole week (plus an extra day due to the July 4th holiday). Not that I don’t love all of you at work, but dang, I need a break. On the other hand, I’ll be carting my laptop with me because I am still teaching online. So, I’ll still do my early morning work before my loves get up—I’m sure I’ll post pics and updates as we go along (I’m guessing I’ll need to procrastinate, even at Disney World).

What are you doing for vacation this summer? Sometimes it’s not even about where you’re going, but just about having a break from the daily grind.

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