Evidence. Proof. Why Wouldn’t You Try This?

Petra’s sister introduced her 2 year-old son to green smoothies recently, and as a result, we have another kid-green-smoothie success story! How cool—another toddler ingesting more greens in the morning than many grown adults have throughout an entire day!

Occasionally, I wonder what the point is of my job—it begins to feel a little fruitless or meaningless (as everyone’s does at times, I suspect), and then I see direct and indirect impact of what I’m promoting and doing, and I’m renewed. If I’ve helped just a few people make improvements to their lifestyle, I’ve just proven the value of wellness coaching. To me, anyway. I get inspired to make it bigger. And more.

I keep wondering….Why wouldn’t you try a green smoothie, or at least give them to your kids as soon and as often as possible?

Sister’s message to Petra this morning:

“I have turned several people onto Spinach Shakes!  🙂  Luke is now drinking one each morning.  When he hears the blender he comes running into the kitchen, yelling SMOOFIE!!!!!  🙂  Nothing is better than your kid running towards you demanding spinach!”

Petra and I discussed both the implications of this and the potential for what else we can do with this concept.

Thus, the Thrive-Style Green Smoothie Challenge will be born (maybe with a fancier name). Stay tuned for details. It will be painless and your body and cells will thank you!

I promise.

125 thoughts on “Evidence. Proof. Why Wouldn’t You Try This?”

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