Do You C What I C?

Have you heard of the Camu Camu Berry?

If not, check it out for a few basic reasons (there are many more than this!).

  1. It’s a super immune booster and antioxidant
  2. It’s a mood booster
  3. It’s an energy booster

This little berry has more natural Vitamin C than any other source, and small amounts of it are needed to more than surpass the benefits of synthetic vitamin C. As little as 1/3 tsp of Camu Camu powder can yield significant benefits, and in addition to the effects listed above, it also promotes eye, gums, and skin health.

The Camu Camu comes from Peru, and is not widely used in the US….yet.

One of the most intriguing aspects of this berry (to me) is that no matter what you’re working on for your own wellness, it can probably help! I ordered the powder from Navitas Naturals (because I trust their quality and I got free shipping—I did not find the powder in stores), and I began adding it to water along with MSM. My motivation for this was solely for skin and connective tissue health.  I have taken an MSM supplement for a few years, and have experienced significant benefits in flexibility (have you met me?  I’m naturally the opposite of flexible) and recovering from working out. I’ll write about MSM in a different post, but I took the plunge on the Camu Camu powder because I read that Vitamin C enhances the absorption of MSM…and since I always look for the natural versions of things, I stumbled upon Camu Camu info on the web.


My newest, and one of my all-time favorite (and maybe having the widest range of benefits!) superfoods is the Camu Camu berry. Another reason I love this little berry is because it’s not a supplement—it’s a whole food made into a powder and not chemically altered or engineered in any way.

As I dug deeper, I read about the other benefits of Camu Camu berry—and it definitely seems too good to be true. I’m here to tell you, it’s not a myth. It’s not a trendy hoax. The Camu Camu berry powder in my water (a total of 1 tsp a day in water or green drinks) has yielded me more energy (ok, it’s hard to pinpoint and attribute this based on my other nutritional shenanigans, but I believe it has played a part!), better skin, and enhanced the effects of the MSM!

This was more than I asked for. Naturally, I wanted to share this with you, my friends. Please ask me questions and read more about it.  I like this description, but there are also many more on the web.

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