Spring Cleansing!

I know that spring is a great time for cleaning (I, myself, cleaned out the pantry and a closet this week!). It’s a great time to

My latest crop of microgreens, 1 day-old

cleanse our bodies as well. Even if we eat pretty healthy foods on a regular basis, we still come in contact with toxins and stressors that put a load on our systems. Did you know that when toxins enter your body (through your mouth, nose, or skin), your body likely isolates them and then stores them in your cells?  If we keep loading our bodies with things (processed and/or unhealthy foods, environmental toxins, alcohol, cigarettes, etc), our body never has a chance to get rid of these nasty offenders. Over time, our system is bogged down, and not only do regular healthy bodily processes slow down, but the body stays acidic (not good), the metabolism slows down…and all this leads to things like being overweight and developing diseases.

What can you do?

Detox Yourself! It’s Spring Cleansing time!

Some cleanses and detoxes are very extreme—I won’t say I’ve never tried a juice cleanse. But, I will say that I’ve never been successful at the restriction/extreme type of cleanse! I actually recommend that we all try and live in a state of moderate detoxing (we do this by taking out processed and unhealthy foods). In addition to this, it’s a good idea to do a focused detox where we clear toxins from our bodies and even kickstart some new habits.

I’m inviting you to join me in the next Spark Wellness Cleanse. Don’t worry—you cleanse at your own level! There are 3 levels, and you choose the one that best fits you.

Check out the details here and here.

After you’ve signed up, let me know!  In addition to the support you’ll get from the official program, we can also create our own cleanse group. What do you think?  Will you try it???

6 thoughts on “Spring Cleansing!”

  1. I agree! Many people have the idea that a cleanse has to be extreme–but it doesn’t! There is some planning involved, but it doesn’t have to feel depriving or crazy 🙂

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