Chick Peas Part 2

I made the Chick Pea Surprise again yesterday at Joey’s request. He’s in super running mode right now (always), so he likes plant-foods that are high in protein…I thought I could boost the protein even more in this without changing the taste, so I added Hemp Seeds too.  Here’s the recipe:

1 can drained organic chick peas
1 Tbsp (plus a splash) apple cider vinegar
2 heaping Tbsp tahini
1 heaping tsp dulse granules
2 Tbsp hemp seeds
1 turn of the himalayan sea salt grinder (to taste, really—but the dulse granules add “salty” flavor too)
3 turns of the black pepper grinder

Mash with a fork. Done. I think if you left this in the fridge for a while, it would taste even better. Joey ate this like tuna on the 7-Grain Sprouted Grain bread, and I ate it on spinach leaves and with celery.

Dinner---Who says you need crackers? Spinach leaves are sturdy!

Why is this good, besides the fact that it’s high in protein and fiber?

The dulse granules contribute iodine (good for your thyroid), and the sesame seeds in the tahini are high in calcium and iron.

Plus it tastes really good and prevents you from eating mercury laden tuna! I have a story about tuna too that I’d like to share. On my first date with Joey, he told me a story about how much he loves tuna sandwiches, but he had heard tuna was high in mercury. So he sent a letter to a major tuna company, asking them how much tuna was safe to eat. They replied and said they recommended eating Light Tuna no more than twice a week. Joey wrote back saying he didn’t want to eat Light Tuna, and would like to know how much of the regular standard variety he could safely eat. They never answered.

If you’re concerned about mercury, or if you like to eat a lot of fish, please read this!

73 thoughts on “Chick Peas Part 2”

  1. Thanks for the post comment on Tuna. I need to re-think my lunch choices for sure, especially if a Tuna company suggests 2 servings as a maximum. Thanks, Dave

  2. Hi Dave! It’s a little crazy, isn’t it? Hopefully you’ll find chickpeas and tahini (or other things) to be a good lunch substitute for not-so-great things like tuna!

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