Chick Pea Spread (aka: Chick Pea Surprise!)

I made up the most amazing thing today—-I then forced Petra and Joey to try it, and they both looked at it like I was crazy….and then loved it! Petra thought I should name it Chick Pea Surprise, but I’m not totally sold on that yet.

You could use this in place of tuna fish or egg salad on a sandwich, or in place of mayo in a wrap or sandwich….or as a great topping on a salad, or as a dip.

The Ingredients: The black stuff is mostly Dulse Flakes and a little black pepper

Here’s how it happened:

I wanted hummus, but (1) I didn’t have time to make it before Petra came over to go on a walk and (2) I was too lazy to find the recipe and put it all together and clean the food processor.

So I opened a can of chick peas, dumped 1/3 of the can into a bowl (drained first). Then I put in a scoop of tahini (probably 2 tsp or so). Next, I threw in a splash of apple cider vinegar, a dash or two of sea salt, some black pepper, and a few shakes of dulse flakes. ¬†Yes, it was that imprecise, and no, I can’t define the amounts—-I’m convinced that you can do this and make it taste good because after I mashed it with a fork (and ate it), I made another batch and it was just as good.

I ate the rest just now. Yum.  Seriously, it almost tastes like there is mayo in it, but BETTER.

I’m going to re-buy the ingredients and make it again very soon, so I will measure precise amounts for the scientific recipe-types out there. For now, just trust me about how good it is, take a stab at it, and let me know what you think!

Post-Mashing with a fork
On Salad, With Sprouts

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