Try, Try Again….

I’ve tried making a Shamrock Shake Impersonator twice now.

The first one was gross—I tried to make it healthy instead of just trying to make it not “poison” (i.e. the McDonald’s version–which I did have last Sunday. Hey, I had to have a point of reference for my recipe experimentation!).

I put in pineapple, spinach, coconut milk, lucuma powder, a bunch of mint leaves….GROSS. The first sip was ok, but the mint smelled like catnip and when I tried to drink more than a sip, it was just bad.

The second attempt involved Coconut Kefir and Vanilla Coconut ice cream….and mint extract.  I think it would have been good, but I put in too much mint extract.  I had a choice—try to fix it by adding more ingredients (and then having to consume all of it), or drink a little to verify that it’s bad and dump the rest.  I dumped it.

I’ll try again this weekend.  I’m trying not to overdo the trying—this is good practice for me.  I’m not giving up, recognizing that it’s not really that big of a deal to figure it out right this minute, and I’m not consuming stuff that doesn’t taste good!

I have so many topics I want to cover right now, but I don’t have the time at the moment (I’m even sacrificing yoga class to do work—-I know, what has the world come to?).  Here are a few topics I’m itching to tell you about:


Coconut Kefir

Home Exercise Programs

Our new program coming up at RIT and Rotork— Couch to Challenge (as in Corporate Challenge)

….and Don’t miss Kristina’s upcoming post on Sweet Potatoes!

23 thoughts on “Try, Try Again….”

  1. ughh. give me the sweet potatoes! i resisted the urge to mash them up with butter and milk this evening in hopes of something awesome/healthier/etc. on the horizon. don’t let them spoil on me!

    ps: why coconut in the shamrock shake? mcdonald’s doesn’t, do they? (not that we want to be like them at ALL, just wondering because i’m cluelesss!)

  2. I didn’t think I had to resist the green-shake til next Monday — know they are BAD — love’em anyways. So, if you can ‘replicate’ them… please share the recipe.

  3. can you add Kefir Soda to the list? I’ve been dying to make it, but i can’t get my hands on the kefir ‘crystals’. It’s not the same Kefir starter that is used in dairy products. BTW I love your site!

  4. I use coconut-based milk and products in the shamrock shake (and other things that generally use milky or dairy stuff) because it is a really easy and healthy substitution. There is no unhealthy mucus forming properties, and it also has the beneficial medium chain fatty acids (that increase energy levels and can’t be stored as fat in the body). It’s also really thick and creamy and delicious! McD’s definitely wouldn’t use it in anything—-it’s waaaaay to healthy 🙂

    I have not tried another version of the shamrock shake yet….but I’ll get to that (and the reasons) in a post soon….tonight if I’m feeling particularly procrastination-y.

    I will add kefir soda to my list!! What an interesting topic—-I don’t know too much about it myself, but the overachiever in me would love to make that too!

    Thanks for reading the blog—I was just feeling a little blah and uninspired until I came here and read your comments 🙂

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