Something Salad

Something Salad
Something Salad

I had nothing to say today.  I had a hard time listening too.  Lunchtime was good—not for the food, but for the little break/walk (Thanks Wendy!).

I know what I really need to do right now is go to the gym—-but it’s COLD outside. I have a headache, and I ate too much of my awesome granola to try and feel better about the papers I have to grade, the laundry I haven’t done, and my gray hair.  It didn’t work!

What’s the point?  The wellness coach needs a wellness coach today 🙂

It’s so not funny when I find myself in the middle of the same crud that I try to help people out of. I suppose it’s a good reminder that we all have our own s&*t to deal with, and like other messages in life—I think I knew this before I got the reminder. It’s just time to re-focus I suppose.

I’m one of those people who is super-sensitive to the choices I make—-I eat too much junk and not only does it make me feel sick, but I also try to eat more to fix it, and I then have ridiculous cravings.  This is compounded by not exercising, which I have perfectly good reasons (a bum hip and knee) to rest for.  In the end, I know it’s not about the excuses or the plan—it’s about getting myself to do something better tomorrow than I did today.  It doesn’t always feel like enough (I’d prefer to just do things perfectly), but it’s better than nothing.

It must be the brain chemicals!  I’m missing some, and carbs cause the wrong ones to signal my brain about how I feel.  I might be complaining, and I apologize for that.  I need to take my own advice today—figure out how to get myself feeling good and motivated to care about my habits. I thought posting a recipe here would help, and then I remembered that when my computer crashed I lost all my food photos from the last month.  p.s. That’s why I haven’t posted any lately!

My mom sent me a phrase today that I’m going to share with you (that I need to hear right now):


It’s time to figure things out, and stop eating so much bread. I’m posting a pic from my phone of a salad I made a few weeks ago, before I mixed anything in it together.  It doesn’t look all that appealing, but it tasted amazing.  I made some kind of avocado dressing with citrus in it—-and the salad had way too many seeds and nuts on it for moderate nutrition’s sake.  I didn’t care, and the day I ate that salad was a good day.

Tonight, my next step is to write a list of the things I need to do for my students, a list of things I need to do for wellness coaching, and a list of things I need to do for myself (laundry is definitely #1). Tomorrow will be better. After all, it’s going to be Tuesday and that’s closer to Friday, which is closer to me being in LA!

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