Other People’s Recipes

One of the things I am REALLY enjoying about having a baby is that I (for some odd reason) just realized that I don’t have to invent every recipe I prepare. Duh.

My Mom is an amazing artist in the kitchen—she flings things all around, making some serious messes and usually ending up with flour all over her (seriously, even when there’s no flour in the food I swear this still happens). She was here making food for us for a very long time when Evan was born. I ate so many vegetables–and loved it. What I tried to learn from her was that you can open your fridge, look inside, google the ingredients you have, and come up with an awesome dinner. That’s not to say she doesn’t plan ahead–she does. Grocery lists and such. But she also doesn’t waste food that’s sitting in the fridge.

Since she left, we’ve been trying to eat more veggies on our own… and have them taste good. I’ve also all but given up on recipe creation. I mean, I still make stuff up, but I’m not purposely keeping track of it or taking pics. It’s so liberating. The biggest bonus of this is that we’ve found some really awesome recipes. So, I figured for a while, I’ll just compile them every once in a while to share—other people should try these recipes too!

This is the top recipe from the past month (I’ve only made it twice, but it lasts us two days and we both love it). I realize the picture is not that great, but I can’t find the one that had better lighting!

Thai Chicken Cabbage Salad


I’ve also been making cauliflower soup, meatloaf, tacos, bone broth, zucchini pasta, salmon… and Dave has been making some recipes of things he ate while he lived in Spain and Italy.

We’re all about the food!

One of the reasons I need a break from making up my own recipes is because I don’t have time, and the other reason is that I just don’t feel like it! I’m focusing a lot on two projects I have going on—and I started working at night after E goes to bed so I don’t have to try and do work during the day when I really want to be focusing on him. Our schedule is pretty great—we walk at the beach or cruise up to Santa Monica to the farmer’s market, or run errands in Culver City in the mornings. Then we play and nap and play and nap. E loves the bath tub, and he’s a sucker for jumping in his jumperoo (it’s hilarious to watch him too now that he’s figured out how to actually jump). While E naps, I read—he’s not a long napper during the day, cat naps mostly. We make dinner (I generally wear him in the Beco Gemini), and then we hang out with Dave when he gets home. I teach a couple evenings a week, and once E goes to bed at 8, I work for a few hours.

I can’t think of a single thing to complain about!



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