Pregnancy Update: 38 Weeks Pregnant

I’m a few days late on this update, but I figured I better get it in if I plan to do any more updates before Baby E shows up. And honestly, the pic is from 37 weeks, but if I have to take another it’s gonna hold me back on posting again because I am in my pjs right now!

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Here’s the thing—I am SO tired. The midwife told me that my body is working so hard right now that I should just go with it and take naps and walk when I can. Duly noted. I am the nap queen right now.

I’ve also been pretty nauseous at times, almost like first trimester nauseous. But, carbs help… so I’m going with that too. I’ve had my share of bread and ice cream lately—and I’m looking forward to just feeling good again so I can eat the way that makes me feel best (when I’m not pregnant). Eventually.

I have a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions, and lots of mild cramping, but it’s just sort of uncomfortable. Baby E hardly ever stops moving–I like that that part. Although, I’m pretty sure he’s out of room–he kicks upward and then jams his head into my cervix. That part feels really weird and hurts. But I totally understand his frustration and need to stretch his legs.

My skin is glowing, and I love that part too. My hair is gross—I always heard pregnant hair was great, not mine. I wear it up mostly because the texture is annoying. At least it’s not falling out.

I feel big. I don’t mind it like I thought I would.

I feel patient. I didn’t think I would.

I realized all of a sudden, a few weeks ago, that I’m actually going to have a baby after all this, and I’m so happy about that.

I spend a lot of time alone these days since I work at home and I’m not into being really social right now. I’m loving it. I’m overwhelmed (in a good way) with the feeling that I am exactly where I’m supposed to be, doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing.

I don’t really know how much weight I’ve gained–I think it’s between 35 and 40 pounds, but I do know I don’t really like the feeling of having extra weight (aside from the baby). In the year before I got pregnant, I had SO found my groove with eating and activity–I was the leanest I’ve ever been (since I did gymnastics in high school), and felt the best I’ve ever felt. I am looking forward to not having the belly so I can move freely again. I probably haven’t done a good job overall of working with the belly and staying active over the last few weeks. I haven’t been doing a lot of yoga or walking (it doesn’t feel good anymore). I know lots of sources and people say to be active everyday all the way till the end, but I’m following how it feels more than just following advice. I would do more if it felt good. And I’m doing more than nothing, so I’m just being content with that.

I’ve been thinking about my sister a lot. Our pregnancies have nothing in common, but I’m so grateful that in spite of how awful it has been to have lost her, I have been able to love her son as if he was my own. He’s the best kid ever, and I’m sure he’ll never know what he has added to my life. I feel like having my own baby is like a second opportunity for me, and I can’t wait for my two favorite boys to meet. Matthew will be visiting with my mom in August. I know he and my mom are looking for some of the clothes and things I saved from when Matthew was a baby to give to Baby E (we’ve all moved a lot, so who knows if they’ll find it). I think about it all and time travel in my mind 10 years into the past. That little dude has taught me about what is really important in life. He has no idea. Thinking about the time he and I spent together in the “old days” and the things we did makes me really emotional (which may also be partially due to pregnancy hormones), and I love it.

Pregnancy is not my favorite thing, but at this point, I feel really good about it. I’m ready for E, and at the same time, I’m enjoying just floating through the last days of this. We’ve got a good plan for E’s birth, that I’m also comfortable throwing out the window if I need to. My due date is June 5th, so who knows when he’ll be here. I’ll let you know!

How’d your labor start? I’m kind of obsessed with birth stories right now!

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6 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update: 38 Weeks Pregnant”

  1. you’re getting SO close…isn’t it a weird feeling knowing that it could really happen ANY day now? Okay, my labor story (and if you’re obsessed with birth tories before birth, just WAIT until after birth…you will want to exchange birth stories with every mother you know!!)…my water broke without any warning at 4am, 2 weeks before my due date. We took our time getting to the hospital (wish we would’ve taken longer) and my contractions didn’t really start up. So, of course the doctors are anxious to get things going, so they basically induced me (never again!). Wish I would’ve stood up to the doctors and let them give me a bit more time. It’s great that you have a midwife and she knows what your plan and expectations are. You’re going to do awesome, regardless of whether your birth goes as planned or not! Can’t wait to hear your story!

  2. Hey Lisa, I haven’t commented in forever, but I wanted you to know I’m still reading your blog and following your journey. Sending you my very best for a safe delivery. Xoxo.

  3. Well…you look fantastic!!!! I’m always obsessed with birth stories during pregnancy!!! I’m 20 weeks along on our 6th sweet babe in 9 years and let me tell you…I’ve had my water break first, and I’ve had my water break as the baby is coming out…I’ve labored anywhere between 3 and 22 hours…babies have come as early as 36 weeks and as late as 41…1 girl (oldest), 4 boys and then this here unknown (we never find out). Thus far all have been home births…all have been hard…and all have been beautiful in there own way. We’re hoping and praying for another home birth…and I’m hoping and praying for a smaller babe! Haha…7.4, 7.4, 8.3, 8.13, 9.5. Pregnancy is hard, labor is hard, parenting is hard…but truly, all of these stages are so beautiful and rewarding in there own way. Looking forward to hearing some good news soon…and of course…your BIRTH STORY!!!!

  4. you are soooo close!!! I am curious on how my body will continue to handle this pregnancy. I have not gained that much weight, and not sure why. The DOC says my baby is the right size and everything else is going good, so who knows. That might change in a few weeks. I miss being able to do certain things in terms of workouts, I see Michelle do all these fun ab exercises and I stand there missing it. I know in a few months I will be able to do it all again. But I adore all things fitness 😉

    I am starting to read more birth books to get me prepared. I can’t afford a doula or a midwife so I am relying on Michelle and Gary to be my support team 🙂 And I will have an idea of a plan that I want, but also will do wants best for the baby in the end! xoxo

    You’re looking great too!

  5. Totally stalking you! (Well, on instagram and here on the blog, anyway…) Hope you’re doing well!

  6. Congrats! You’ve had the baby since this post. I think blogging your
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