Pregnancy Update: 31 Weeks

My belly is now officially huge. I suppose it’s all relative, but I’m reminded of my size when I try to do things like get up off the floor or squeeze between two cars in a parking lot. I’m glad this is temporary because I’m feeling a bit “stared at” in public–not in a bad way, it’s just that I prefer not to be noticed. People are nice usually, and a couple women have given me their seats on the bus (the men just seem to pretend they don’t see me—or maybe they really don’t see me. Am I invisible?).

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I have been feeling really good, normal (energy-wise) almost. There is usually a random day or a two a week that I am so tired I have no choice but to nap. It’s a strange feeling, but I’ve learned not to fight it. I don’t know what I weigh, but I know my weight is increasing because my belly is definitely getting bigger day by day. I’ve been walking 5-6 miles a day at the beach for the last few weeks (usually I take one to two days off per week–but last weekend was my cousin’s wedding and I took extra days off for that). My goal is 35 miles per week, and I’m hitting around 32-33 so far (except last week). It’s a flat walk–Marina del Rey towards Santa Monica via the Venice boardwalk (I walk on the bike path to avoid the crowds and crazy people). I track my walks with my Pear Sports app because I love it when the guy tells me how long I’ve been walking and how far I’ve gone (he lets me know every 5 minutes). I don’t use the heart rate monitor because it’s not comfortable right now, so I don’t get the calorie-burn estimation which I’m not really concerned with at the moment. I don’t walk fast—my feet hurt sometimes, like an aching feeling in my arches or other areas. It comes and goes, and I’m kind of wondering if my feet grew a bit and my shoes just aren’t really working anymore. I generally am addicted to a version of these shoes for walking/running/stairs because my feet never hurt in them–so I won’t blame the shoes now, I’ll just blame the extra weight I’m carrying around!

For other exercise, I’m focusing mostly on squats, squatting (yes, it’s two different things), sitting cross legged, and posture. I’m going to give more information about all that later.

We hired a doula. I can’t remember if I mentioned that already, but I’m pretty excited about it. She’s our birthing class teacher, and she’s amazing. Even though we’re going to the midwife group, I’ll still be having the baby within the medical system where they have lots of boxes to check in regards to process and procedures. I consider myself pretty educated in the area of childbirth, but this system is new to me, and our doula knows both the hospital and the midwives. I’m also coming away from a pretty negative experience with the midwife I saw a couple weeks ago, but I haven’t decided how much of it I want to share. I think I’ll talk about it contextually in a different post (it was in regards to the glucose test, which I want to discuss more anyway).

I’m at the point where I have to see the midwives every two weeks, and they’re recommending the TDAP vaccine soon. All I have to say about vaccines is that it is such a highly charged topic and it’s really overwhelming to read through all the literature to find what is most credible and least biased. I’m not planning on talking about it here, just like I’m not planning on talking about circumcision–Baby E hasn’t given me permission to publicly discuss our medical decisions for him!

I went to a huge warehouse consignment sale a couple weeks ago–50,000 baby and kid items. It was mostly junk. I did buy a jogging stroller that had never been used (judging by the new tread on the tires and spiffy clean appearance) and a new infant tub. I think I’m going to have to buy most of the rest of the baby stuff new (amazon prime!)—unless I get lucky at the next sale. People’s used stuff is really grungy, and I love the idea of getting used stuff but I have to draw the line somewhere. I am not giving up though!

Here’s the stroller/carseatΒ that is on its way to me right nowΒ (thanks Mom!). I realize that people around here spend double or triple this amount on a stroller… but I just don’t feel the need to do that. I guess I’m just becoming more and more practical in my old age! I’m not having a baby shower and I’m not registering for stuff. I did make an Amazon wish list to send to Dave’s mom and she has been bought us several things already. It has been fun getting the packages! I’m starting to realize I need to get more organized about what we need! We’ve gotten a few amazing and thoughtful gifts from friends and family, and my cousin brought me tons of hand-me-down clothes from his son. My mom sent me money to go baby shopping—I predict that within a couple weeks from now (1) we will have more than we need and (2) our apartment will be full of baby stuff (Dave doesn’t quite grasp the extent of it yet!).

That’s it. It feels real for sure now. I still don’t love being pregnant–and I look forward to it being over! I’m looking at the last 8-9 weeks as my childbirth bootcamp—not in an aggressive way, just in the way that I am going to be focusing specifically on preparing for it. I am teaching only part time right now, and am working on a couple projects on the side, so I can make birth/baby prep a part time job too!

Do you have any recommendations for things I MUST buy?!

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  1. You look BEAUTIFUL!!! I seriously love to look at your belly πŸ™‚ Glad you are feeling better, I hope the last few weeks go by fast for you. I still have tons of boy clothes that I am trying to figure out what to do with, let me know if you need anything! Message me your new address too please? I’m trying to think what I’d say were musts to have: an infant carrier, a boppy for nursing, GOOD nursing bras! We were big fans of those infant t-shirt wraps too since we were new to the whole infant dressing thing and were scared at first to put anything over his head! Also doesn’t bother their cord as much as a onesie. The tiny buggers do require quite a bit of “stuff” don’t they? I kind of followed the babys r us guideline for how many sleepers and onesies etc. to have and that seemed to work out well, I was surprised you’d need that many but boy was I glad to have them at 2 and 4 and 6 in the morning ha! πŸ™‚

  2. I am getting so excited for you! My “must have” baby items are: Fisher Price Rock N Play (it was a lifesaver), Aden & Anais swaddle blankets, Brest Friend nursing pillow, lanolin, and Earth Mama’s New Mama Bottom Spray, and a ring sling or wrap to wear baby for lots of skin to skin πŸ™‚ John and I tried to be such minimalists with the baby stuff, but it still seems to have taken over our tiny house…ha!!
    p.s. – did you decide to cloth diaper??

  3. 1. If you think you’re big now, just wait! πŸ˜‰

    2. I’m SO glad to hear you hired a doula! We had one with my second daughter and then hired her again with Kaz even though we were planning a home birth. It was the best decision we made. My husband was skeptical when I first suggested it, but he now tells everyone to hire one. Even if you are educated in child birth and/or the medical system, being in labor is not the time you should have to be advocating for yourself or potentially fighting for what you want/need with the hospital staff. Dave should only need to be focused on you and shouldn’t have to do those things either. Having somebody who is less emotionally attached (like a partner or parent), knows the ins and outs of child birth, the hospital, their policies, what you can and can’t ask for after the birth, etc, all while keeping a level head during a stressful time – every woman needs a doula! (I’ll stop now.)

    3. I agree with Wendy – get some baby wearing device (NOT a Bjorn) like a sling, maya wrap, Mei Tai or Ergo… the ring sling was my favorite, I’ve had two from zolowear (because I sold it when I thought we weren’t having any more babies, and then got another when Kaz was on the way) they’ve got tons of beautiful fabrics to choose from and they have a good instructional video to show you all the ways you can wear it. Zak used it just as much (if not more) than I did – it’s good for when they’re itty bitty and when they get bigger too (unlike the maya wrap) I still put 30 lb Kaz in it today if I need to carry him a distance and it would be inconvenient to have a stroller along (like through the markets or on public transit. We sometimes take the bus here for more walking/less driving.)

    4. And for breastfeeding – I second what Wendy said about a tube of lanolin to sooth tender nipples in the early days… and to find your local La Leche League group for breastfeeding support. Get the Womanly Art of Breastfeeding to read and have on hand… I still found myself reading for questions and reassurance even the third time around! Check out a meeting when you’re still pregnant and see if it’s a good fit. It can be a great way to meet some like minded mama’s and make a few contacts ahead of time in case you need help or questions answered after Baby E is here. (Your doula will probably be able to help too though if you run in to any issues.)

    OK, I’ve written a novel. I always enjoy reading your updates, you look fantastic! Keep us posted. πŸ™‚

  4. you’re looking amazing sweetie!! I have not even thought about birth or what kind of birth I plan on doing, I have gotten a few books to start reading to get myself educated. I will have to look into a Doula. I don’t want to do any vaccines either, I know I will be fighting lots of battles here soon. Boo.

    Anyways, love ya! thinking of you xoxo

  5. You look beautiful! Definitely not invisible! I can’t believe you’re on the down hill slide! The little one is almost here. I’m so happy things are coming together and you’re feeling well!

  6. Laury (the fitness dish)

    Lisa, you look amazing! I like the fact that you’re not discussing vaccines or circumcision. Personal choices, no ones business. Too heated of a topic. Be well my friend!

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