Recipe Shortcut: Amazing 2-Minute Tangy Cole Slaw

cole slaw

I like cole slaw. But I don’t ever make it. There seem to be so many steps. And it’s messy.

About the same time I began adding more fermented foods to my life, I also began making this cheat-version of cole slaw. It’s so easy I’ve never posted about it—but I just decided to let you in on this one. Why not share the secret?!

2-Minute Tangy Cole Slaw

1 cup sauerkraut (preferably “live” raw sauerkraut), try not to include much of the liquid from the jar
1 carrot, shredded
3 Tbsp mayonnaise (homemade preferred!)
a few pinches any type of sugar

Directions: Stir together and eat! It’s a great fast side dish (double or triple it if it’s for more than two people). Once you’ve stirred it together and tasted it, you can decide if it needs a bit more mayo. The size of your carrot and the amount of liquid in your ‘kraut will impact this! Adjust to make it perfect…

I added a lot of carrot to this for two reasons–carrots are good for you and they’d add a little bit of sweetness!

We love this in my house, and it looks way harder than it is. Plus, I love the idea of eating more fermented foods with each meal to help boost nutrient content as well as assist in digestion of the meal.

Let me know if you try it!

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