Margarita Gummies

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Last year, I made wine gummies, and they’ve been a serious hit both virtually and in real life! I’ve been making margarita gummies all this time too (along with a few other cocktail gummies), but for some reason, I’m just sharing the recipe with you now.

The trick with cocktail gummies is that you have to heat the mixture carefully so you don’t burn off the alcohol. That being said, it’s actually really easy to do.

If you don’t have a way to measure the temp of your liquid when it’s on the stove, go and order one of these!


Margarita Gummies

¼ cup Triple Sec

¼ cup orange flavored liqueur

1 cup silver tequila

½ cup plus 2 Tbsp lime juice

1 Tbsp sugar or simple syrup or maple syrup (optional!)

½ cup gelatin


If you have a vitamix or blender that has a SUPER low speed, do this: 

Mix the liquids together, pour half in the blender container and half in a pan on the stove. While waiting for the stove to heat, sprinkle a little gelatin into the liquid in the blender container and let it sit there. When the liquid in the pan reaches 90 degrees, pour that liquid into the blender container with the rest and turn the blender on to its lowest speed. Pour in 1/2 cup gelatin slowly and blend on low until it has dissolved. Add sweetener if you’re using it. If you blend it on a higher speed, it will get too foamy and you will not be happy with the results!

If you do NOT have a vitamix or blender with a SUPER low speed, do this: 

In a saucepan on the stove, add all the liquid with a sprinkle of gelatin, and heat it to around 90-100 degrees. Alcohol will burn off at around 159 degrees, so try and keep the temp much lower than that! Add sweetener if you’re using it (I usually throw in a skosh of maple syrup–but I like these tart too!). While stirring briskly with a whisk, gradually add the gelatin powder. Continue whisking until all the gelatin has dissolved. Don’t get too crazy with your whisk or it will be really foamy! (I’ve done it with a hand mixer, and the foam is kind of annoying, but it’s easy to scoop off… and eat).

For both methods: Once the gelatin has all dissolved into the liquid, scoop any extra foam off the top (eat it!), and pour the mixture into a 9×13 (or similar sized) baking dish. Put it in the refrigerator for 2 hours. Cut into rectangles or use small cookie cutters to cut into shapes. Serve chilled in margarita glasses if you want to be fancy!

You can also pour this into molds, but I’ve found that to take way too long for my patience level… I’d rather cut it into rectangles or use cookie cutters to make shapes (and then eat the scraps!).

You can make these non-alcoholic, by using 2 cups of liquid (combine orange juice, lemon juice, and lime juice in approximately equal parts), and adding the 1/2 cup of gelatin to that!

Note: they can sit out for several hours in room temperature without melting, but I do think they taste better when chilled.

These are strong! Taste the liquid before you pour it into the pan—if it’s too strong for  you, add a little bit of filtered water or a splash of beer!

If you’re into essential oils, you can add a couple drops to the gummies—Orange EO is great in this, and so is lime! If you’re interested in chatting about essential oils, or if you’re into natural wellness, or would like to be around people who are positive and chatty about how we try to use lifestyle to make our lives better, check out my free natural wellness community. There are no rules—except, you have to be nice and you can’t solicit anyone!

If you haven’t checked out the wine gummies, you should!

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margarita gummies

14 thoughts on “Margarita Gummies”

  1. Isn’t Triple Sec the same as orange flavored liqueur? Do you need a 1/2 cup total, or is this a misprint in the recipe? Thanks! Can’t wait to try them.

  2. Yep, triple sec is an orange liqueur… many marg recipes call for cointreau or even orange liqueur instead. Honestly, you can use whatever margarita recipe you like for the gummies as long as you make sure the ratio of gelatin to liquid stays about the same!

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  3. The ingredient list specifies 1/2 cup gelatin. The instructions say 3/4 cup gelatin, but then the non-alcoholic version says 1/2 cup gelatin. So which is right?

  4. These look great! I am planning on making them as favors for a fiesta themed party. I am wondering what the yield is on this recipe? I am making favors for 30 people, so I was thinking about tripling the batch.

  5. How about sprinkling a bit of sea salt onto them? Have you tried it? How long do you think the gel needs to set before to be sure the salt sticks while still staying on the top?

  6. I made these yesterday and they set in less than 30 minutes. And, they turned out very rubbery. any idea why? I didn’t have a thermometer, so I just heated the water on the stove just enough so the gelatin dissolved. It was more like really warm. and, they really didn’t have much taste to them at all.

  7. If using powdered gelatin, how many packets or Tbsp should I use? Don’t want to mess up good alcohol by a bad liquid ratio.

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