Pregnancy Update: 14, 15 and 16 Weeks

My Mom visited last week, and it made me so happy I could cry. She has this way of helping me get organized and on top of things, and especially now when I have been so tired, she has really helped me feel like I can manage my life AND still go for walks, do yoga, etc.

I decided I’m not going to do a pregnancy update here every week—there’s not really anything new to say most of the time. I think I’m starting to look pregnant though (instead of just feeling thick). I have to say that looking pregnant plus the 3D/4D gender reveal ultrasound we did last week really made me feel much better about this whole process. It felt real before, but now it feels really real, and my brain is connecting the physical process to a baby showing up later. In other words, it feels more worth it. There’s a baby with a heartbeat and a name in there!

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I can pretty much eat anything now, but I still don’t love some of the vegetables. My Mom has helped me plan meals and food in general, so I have a great feeling about my eating moving forward. I cancelled my yoga membership because it was $100 a month and I’ve skipped two months now due to feeling icky and having no energy. I’m a yoga instructor for gosh sakes—if I want to do yoga, I can do it at home and rest/modify when I need to, or I can stream videos or just do the ones Pilar made up for our Enviable Pregnancy Nutrition and Yoga course!

I have been more social since Thanksgiving, and this was rough a couple times. I stayed up too late, and this definitely affected me the next day. I’m happy to have a little downtime before we travel for Christmas.

We’re flying on the overnight flights both ways (I’ll tell you why later) when we go to NC to visit Dave’s Mom, and I went shopping to buy some clothes that actually fit me (I still think I should potentially buy some pants that don’t fall into the “yoga” category, but I don’t really want to).

I bought some of the magic superfood chocolates I used to eat when I was wellness coaching a few years ago. So far, they are turning out to be a perfect snack for me in between meals (at least for now).

I don’t have any other updates—I feel good today, but I felt really awful all weekend. That seems to be the name of the game. I had a midwife appointment this week and everything is going great.

Fill me in on the beginning stages of your second trimester! Sometimes time feels like it’s speeding by and other times it feels like it’s standing still…

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