Pregnancy Update: 13 Weeks

Something is different this week.

It’s not my weight—that’s exactly the same. But I can now feel the top of my uterus below my belly button. Dave could feel it too when I put his hand on it–I’m not crazy. I did some research on this topic that revealed exactly what I thought was happening. My guts are being pushed upward by my uterus, which causes a “bump” that’s not actually the baby, but it’s being caused by the baby (well, and some of the 8 pounds I’ve gained).

I felt pretty good this week most of the time, but I was really exhausted. The baby is the size of a peach. My skin broke out. My back is killing me, and my gut feels… full and weird. Overall, everything is great!

I’ve been eating a lot of: cottage cheese, coconut oil frosting (breakfast), eggs (but not as many as I intended)… we also had pizza, fettucine alfredo, and sandwiches. Veggies still seem kind of yucky. I switched a couple weeks ago to a new multi-vitamin, recommended by Chris Kresser.


13 wks

There’s finally a bump!

I won’t lie, pregnancy is confusing. My body has a “mind of its own” now, and I can appreciate the purpose and effort that goes into building a human. It’s new for me to not have control over how I feel (through my lifestyle), and I keep wondering if I’m faking this tiredness just so I can be lazy…then I try and do something active or go out and about all day, and I realize I’m exhausted for real. I’m ok with it, but I hope it gets better soon! We’re going to my aunt and uncle’s for Thanksgiving, and I’m looking forward to relaxing at their house for a day or two. I hope you’re celebrating with family and friends too!

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