Pregnancy Update: 8 Weeks

Starting at the end of last week, I had this “rot gut” feeling in my stomach—kind of like a hangover, but not the kind that leads to throwing up. So I wouldn’t call it nausea, it’s just… rot gut. For several days, I tried to eat bland things like eggs to address it. Then. I ate rice crackers and felt amazing. I don’t eat much gluten because it makes me ill (not like it used to though—I think I’ve healed my gut!), but I’ve been killing those gluten free rice crackers with gouda like it’s my job.

Weight: I don’t have a bump pic this week–I look exactly the same as last week, still no bump. But I do feel chubby, and I’m ok with that, even though it’s slightly uncomfortable.

Exercise: I’ve done yoga twice a week for the past month, and I’ve walked occasionally. However, I think I’m going to join LA Fitness when I return from NY next week–walking outside amongst the 9 million college students and stopping every 10 feet for a stoplight is really slowing me down and making me not want to do it. I’ve noticed that I don’t feel great doing yoga, and sometimes afterward I’m totally drained, but then I just take it easy. I’ve been doing a lot of laying on the couch. Dave has been cooking and cleaning, and hanging out with me watching Lost—we’re on Season 4. I want to do more yoga, but I’m checking in with how I feel day-to-day and making the decision based on that.

Also, I’ve been debating what to do about dying my hair. There’s an Aveda school up the street, so I thought I’d go there–at least the color they use doesn’t have all the scary chemicals in it that can potentially permeate a placenta. But I got lazy and didn’t make an appointment in time to fit it in before we leave for NY (right now). I’m pretty sure I’ve come up with a solution, but I’ll let you know next week when I try it.

I don’t have many real stats to share with you this week. My weight is the same as last week, I feel crappy most of the time and have no energy, and I’ve got a dull underlying feeling of anxiety going on (which makes me want to hibernate even though the weather is beautiful). I know, it’ll get better after the first trimester! I’m looking forward to that, and to December 16-ish, when we can find out the baby’s gender. Overall, I feel ok, mostly functional, and really really happy!

Matthew (my nephew) and I were FaceTiming yesterday, so I showed him a pic of my ultrasound and he had all kinds of questions. Apparently, my uterus looks like a Hershey’s Kiss, and the baby looks much bigger than it really is. We also talked about how it’s in fluid, not air, and it won’t breathe till it’s born. Thankfully, as a 10 year-old boy, he did not inquire about how this baby-in-the-belly situation comes about, or how the baby comes out. Somehow I think I’d end up getting his FaceTime privileges taken away if we had that conversation!

Heading to NY now—trying to prepare myself for the traveling part combined with rot gut. Can’t be worse than the time I flew from St Louis to Boston with food poisoning…

Next week I’m going to talk about pregnancy supplements (pre-pregnancy and during pregnancy actually).

How did you feel during Week 8? Any tips on reducing the rot gut?


3 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update: 8 Weeks”

  1. Chewing gum…I don’t really remember if it helped, but it may have taken my mind off it temporarily. Ginger Root helped too!

  2. Lisa_healthy_diaries

    Hi Lisa! I just wanted to say congrats on your pregnancy! That is so exciting and I’m so happy for you to be experiencing this! It sounds like you are handling your 1st trimester very well. I totally know what you mean by the “rot gut” feeling. I agree with Carrie that Ginger root could help! Anything from ginger chews to ginger tea could be worth a shot! I’m surprised you can eat eggs! I couldn’t even look at them for months in the begining!

    I haven’t colored my hair for many many years, although i did get my first gray hair this month! 🙁 lol Now I can blame Roberto for all the years to come that he gave me gray hair! hihi

    I will be following your pregnancy and wish you the best of luck! I’m hoping to get back into the blogging grove but I’m finding it challenging to be consistent being a SAHM and I will soon by a WAHM! I know I can figure something out!

  3. Lisa, morning sickness hit me right about week eight, then I mostly drank a sports drink and made strawberry smoothies just with ice & water. I also have to say French fries & potato chips did help, I didn’t believe they would but it worked.

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