I’m a Great Secret Keeper… Except When I Have Secrets of My Own! This is a Big One (or two)!

As a wellness coach, I have a big responsibility to respect people’s privacy. In fact, I’m like a vault. I am honored when people, whether they are clients or friends, share personal information with me. I tell no one. Not even my husband. (Yep, that’s right, I got married).

The thing is, I’m terrible at keeping my own secrets. I can’t give gifts without telling the person ahead of time what it is, even if they’re patient and want to wait. I’m an open book about what’s going on with me–especially with my close friends. I’m lucky to have friends that are so awesome that I want to tell them all of my business and listen to theirs too, and I also have Kristina—we’re the kind of friends who say things out loud to each other that probably should never be said to anyone.

I’ve been quiet here on my website for a while because I had a secret to keep—this secret made me feel like I had nothing else to say, so I just didn’t post.

However, now all of our close family members know what’s going on, so I can spill my secrets here too.

Dave and I got married. On a weekday. At the Courthouse by the airport (we tried to do it in Beverly Hills—I mean, that’d sound the coolest, but they were booked for several weeks). It took all of 8 minutes, and it was very sweet (albeit tacky with fake purple flowers, etc.). Then we went to lunch at Ma’kai in Santa Monica because that’s where we went on our first date. He wore jeans and Converse and I wore a maxi skirt and top from Anthro. The marriage license and fees cost us a total of $127–and it was the best $127 we’ve ever spent. Dave wants to have an actual wedding sometime next year, and I’m fine with that (but I’ll be honest, I’m totally happy with what we already did). We decided we wanted to have our own private adventure, and we do have a few pics but I’m going to keep those for just ourselves!

My wedding day was practically the best day of my life, and definitely one of the most memorable happy moments I’ve ever experienced.

There’s also a Part Two to my news.

I’m pregnant!

My due date is June 5th.

I’m so excited. Dave may actually be more excited than I am (which is very cute). We have a lot to do in the next several months, like buy a new car (his has no middle back seat–he’s kind of sad to give up his fancy single guy car, but baby safety takes precedence), do some work on the apartment (organic carpet cleaning, bathroom updates, closet cleaning, etc.), and do all the other baby prep stuff (like BUY NEW STUFF!).

Anyway, I’ve decided that since I’ve done so much research about pregnancy nutrition and lifestyle already, I’ll share my own journey with it online as well. I don’t plan to make this a pregnancy blog, but I’m going to include pregnancy topics and updates one or two times a week.

Here are some pics of Dave and me from the last several months…

I was pregnant when this photo was taken but didn’t know it yet—I’m glad it was dusk… you shoulda seen the dark circles under my eyes!


We spent a lot of time at the beach this summer, before I moved out of the Santa Monica apartment… we packed snacks and sat down there for hours. Honestly, I never went in the water—the whole pacific ocean radiation issue is a big deal. p.s. don’t eat the tuna!


photo (2)
This was on July 4th. I already knew he was The One, but I don’t think we had said anything about it yet… We had both told other people though!


photo (1)
This was in front of the “knees and elbows” tree at 3rd and California one late night… before we decided to go on a budget (i.e. stop going out for $15 cocktails and $100 breakfasts so often)


This was on Dave’s birthday weekend…. he’s one year and six days older than me.


p.s. I didn’t ask Dave if I could post pics of him… but I figured since we’re married now, consent is just implied for everything I want. Right?!

More soon!


6 thoughts on “I’m a Great Secret Keeper… Except When I Have Secrets of My Own! This is a Big One (or two)!”

  1. Oh. My. God. and OH MY GOD! I haven’t read your entire post yet, I had to comment NOW to say CONGRATULATIONS! I’m so happy for you! And June babies are the best! (Just ask Kaz!) Wishing you a happy, healthy 9 months, can’t wait to follow along!

  2. I don’t even know you, yet felt more happy while reading this than I would if it was one of my closest friends telling me. Congrats! Wishing you nothing but health and happiness!

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