YMX By Yellowman Review (aka: My New Favorite Workout Tops)

YMX sent me a couple shirts to review–I didn’t pay for the shirts, but the opinions are all real and my own!

photo (7)

I’ve reviewed several different clothing lines… and I have to say, these tops are my favorite for working out so far. The fabric is so lightweight and they don’t feel wet or soggy at all during a workout.

The tank top wins big points for sweaty difficult workouts… like the Santa Monica Stairs!

photo (5)photo (6)

What’s your favorite brand for workout clothes?

I don’t have a favorite—I just tend to try different things and wear whatever feels best (except when I’m lazy and I wear cotton tank tops—ick on the sweaty soggy factor!).

News/Notes: Seriously, I want more of these tank tops!

Week one of my personal chef gig is complete, and it went so well… My client lost 3.5lbs and can’t stop raving about how good she feels and how satisfying the food is. I’m definitely enjoying it too.

I have tons of work to do this week, and I’m looking forward to feeling really productive. My goal is to just take breaks to work out and make food… and otherwise I’m just going to work and catch up on things. Not all that exciting, but it feels really good and positive!


3 thoughts on “YMX By Yellowman Review (aka: My New Favorite Workout Tops)”

  1. Laury (the fitness dish)

    You look amazing my friend!

    And you got a personal chef gig!??? So so so cool! Lucky client!!!

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