Koss FitSeries Headphones Review

Koss sent me a couple pairs of headphones to review, so I’ve been wearing them around for the last week or so…

They sent me the headphones for free, but the opinions are all my own!


Don’t miss this!!! There is a $5 off code (that also gets free shipping) if you purchase at http://koss.com. The code is Fit4Life.

News/Notes:   Pilar and I are videotaping another post-partum yoga class today (meaning: I get to hold Maya while she works!). I’m also making dinner for friends, and trying to get all of my other work done. This will be a work weekend for me—I love working on the weekends (sometimes) because it feels like I’m just getting things done and catching up rather than trying not to get behind… My macbook is not functioning at the moment, so hopefully it’s just the battery or power cord, and I can spend my work weekend in coffee shops instead of on my imac at home. We’ll see!

I’m gonna share some of the recipes I’ve been making for my client this week (probably tomorrow). Things are going really well so far… and oh, about my date the other day. Meh. Enough said 🙂

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