Results of Working Out Smarter Not Harder… and Making Abs in the Kitchen!

Hi 🙂

Obviously it took me a minute to realize where I should be looking on the video camera… I’m so clunky! I’m used to doing audio webinars and not video. But hey, why not!

Have you tried beef liver? (YUCK!)

Happy Saturday 🙂


5 thoughts on “Results of Working Out Smarter Not Harder… and Making Abs in the Kitchen!”

  1. we eat beef livers but as meatballs with another grass-fed beef or lamb or something, we are not as brave as you to eat them raw! maybe one day 😉
    excited to hear more of your thoughts and findings 🙂

  2. I have yet to try beef liver… I am scared! It’s as simple as that. 🙂

    I DO have a question for you that I’ve been meaning to ask for a while. Making gummies in the vitamix is great. I keep it on the lowest setting (I have the 10 variable speeds…) but I a thin layer of foam on top of them, probably because it’s whipping in some air. I don’t mind it – but the kids do… (and I admit, I do like them better without foam, but I still eat them!) I want to keep using the vitamix because it does a GREAT job of getting all that gelatin stirred in. I’m wondering if you have foam issues, and if not, how do you avoid it? I’ve tried to let it sit for a while before pouring but that doesn’t seem to help, and I’m afraid it’s going to start to gel if I wait too long. Trying to scrape the foam off before it gels sort of works, but it’s really messy…

    Anyway, wondering what your experience was!

    I’ve been meaning to comment on your last post too but time gets away from me – in short I just wanted to say that even though you are in CA and I’m in NY, I feel like we’re on the same wavelength! 🙂

    Loved the video! Keep’em coming!

  3. I covered that exact issue in my next video (which I think I’m posting on tues…or mon)! I have been scooping the foam off and eating it. It tastes yucky—when the liquid is warm the gelatin flavor is noticeable. Yuck! But I do it because I just want to ingest it. I tried pouring it through a strainer and that didn’t work well because it’s too thick. I was going to try making a double batch to see if that cut down on the foam, so I will let you know if that helps! I agree…. and I have been reading your posts religiously (they show up in my inbox in the evening, so I’m counting on them now. lol), but haven’t been commenting.

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  4. Laury (the fitness dish)

    Love seeing you on video 🙂 I really need to do this more it is less time consuming!

    Re: the cod liver oil–I put in on Ella’s toosh under a disposable diaper to get te same benefits. It will stain so I’m just thinking a way people can absorb it through their skin without having to consume it (blech). It’s soooo healthy though and I think my sickly little cat needs some too. He’s on SO much medication so allergies and asthma, I’m thinking the cod liver oil may help?

    I’ve been doing so much yoga and 1 HIiT workout a week lately. I never weigh myself but lt did for shits the other day because I was curious. I lost 3 pounds (I know the scales unreliable) but mosty I lost some fat and my abs are finally coming through a little. I’ve switched up my diet a little and have been wanting to try the liver thing but I just am a little grossed out by it. Looking forward to more videos!

  5. Maria@healthydiaries

    Loved seeing and hearing your voice on the video. It makes me feel like we are close friends 🙂 I’m really interested in hearing more details about the benefits you have seen from changing your fitness routine. I have also been doing some walking (will do ore when it gets warmer hopefully soon!) and short yoga videos with some 12 min Hitt sprints.

    I have tried mixing liver in meatballs and could still really taste it. I think I’ll stick to the cod liver oil for now too! Cod liver oil and probiotics are two supplements I will probably take for life!

    Can’t wait to see your next video post!

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