Be Kind to People, and Brag Sometimes too.

Recently, my friend Jessica posted about the topic of Compliments, and it was a great reminder for me. It made me think back to times when people did things for me that were extra nice, or when they let me know I did a good job on something.

It feels so nice to get compliments, doesn’t it? I want to make it more of a habit to just tell people out loud (not just in my head) when I like their shoes, or to let them know their hard work and passion is evident in something they created.

In truth, I kind of do this all the time for work—I’m a teacher and wellness coach. I grade papers and give positive feedback all the time. I make an effort to tell my students when I appreciate their hard work and when I’m impressed with something they’ve done. When I coach, I give sincere positive feedback to my clients, and I think it not only helps their confidence but it just feels good that someone notices their hard work.

That’s all great, but doesn’t it feel extra great when someone gives you a compliment out of the blue? Or when someone does something extra nice for you that they didn’t have to do? Yesterday someone complimented my workout pants—really, no big deal, but it was still nice!

I thought I’d contribute to my philosophy of taking a positive approach to lifestyle change by reporting the compliments and kindnesses, as well as patting myself on the back for things I’ve done well. After all, we can’t forget to compliment ourselves!

Here are mine for today…


When my sister died, I was working on my Master’s degree, and it was right at the end of the term for my classes. I had exams and papers due. My Mom’s friend from work, whom I had never met, wrote a final paper for me. I requested an extension on my work, took a final exam (all multiple choice—I pretty much guessed on the whole thing… the teacher gave me an A in the class anyway), and I turned in the paper written by my Mom’s friend. (So yes, if you ask me if I ever cheated… I did. Once). For some reason, I thought about the kindness of my Mom’s friend today, and it brought me to my knees (in my mind) all over again.


Every term for every school I teach for, the students have to evaluate the course (and me). Sometimes I hesitate reading them because I really put my heart into teaching and I know I’ll feel badly if the students aren’t happy with the course or with my teaching. Yesterday, I got the feedback from last term for one course I taught (and I read it). It made me feel really good that I not only taught people about nutrition but that they also enjoyed it and liked how I presented it. Here it is:

So now it’s your turn…

1. Tell me one thing someone has done for you or said to you that made you feel good.

2. Brag about something great about yourself!

8 thoughts on “Be Kind to People, and Brag Sometimes too.”

  1. Lisa_healthy_diaries

    My mother in law always makes me feel really good about myself. She lives in Italy, but we talk on the phone every so often and she always tells me how wonderful she thinks I am and really makes me feel good about myself! She’s seriously the nicest person I know!

    Hmmm I don’t have much to brag about lately. I made all 3 meals from scratch today and didn’t eat anything processed! 🙂 #processedfreemarch hihi

  2. The Candid RD

    Great reminder Lisa (and I’m really curious what the topic of that paper was, wow, what a lifesaver for her to write that for you at probably the worst time of your life. Yes, you cheated, but I think it was necessary!).
    I try to make people smile every day at work, even if it means just giving them my last “Free Cabot Cheese” coupon because I know they would enjoy it and are short on cash. It makes me feel great to know that I might have made someone’s day a little brighter

  3. Lisa what a great self-love opportunity you have presented to us! Thanks.

    1- On my first day in a new place with no contact with the outside world a friend in the same situation gave me her $1 calling card so I could call my mum.

    2- I fell back into honeymoon love with one simple paradigm shift.

  4. So true, it is such an easy thing to compliment someone but so often hard to make it a regular part of your day! Thanks for the reminder that a compliment can go a long way 🙂

  5. Oh I just LOVE THIS!! All of it. The stories you shared, the brag you shared, the positive message behind this — it’s such a small thing really, a compliment — but when given out of the blue like that, it can totally make your day. Ok so here goes — someone told me (from the studio) that I inspire them to be a happier, more motivating person. It actually made me stop and evaluate myself for a sec– this person thought of me as happy and motivating, yet half the time I’m sitting here and in my head thinking I’m too critical or negative. Apparently not, at least according to this person. 😉 It really helped shift my focus towards the positive though. One brag, hm. My sister in law told me this AM that my 6am class was just what she needed, that it set the tone for her morning perfectly. I guess that’s not a ‘brag’ per se, but it did make ME smile pretty big when I got her message. And isn’t that what matters most?

  6. Everytime I read your blog Lisa I come away feeling refreshed! You always share such positive uplifting messages. Thank you! Someone told me the other day that my positive energy lit up the studio. I try so hard to be positive all the time but right now life is a little stressful so her noticing my positivity really made me feel great!

  7. laury (the fitness dish)

    How awesome is that! We all know that you’re an amazing teacher though. You definitely have a gift I wish I had for teaching and articulating things related to nutrition.

    Someone who is new to yoga who has been taking my class told me she is now addicted to it and has been inspired to come to my class 2x a week and seek out more on youtube when not in my class! That made me feel really good!

    Thank you again for writing such a positive, awesome post and sharing your experienced with us all.

  8. I like the feeling I get when I give someone a compliment that means something, not just to flatter them but when I really appreciate something and let them know. Similarly, those are the comments that make me feel really good too!

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