Grain Free Waffle for One!

I miss real regular waffles… and I’ve made so many grain free ones that turned out just ok. They were either too rubbery or too soft or just had some weird texture or flavor. My worst ones basically turned out like rubber with the flavor of eggs… So anyway, I’m picky about my waffles, and I’ve been trying a lot of combinations of ingredients, and I really like this one.

It makes one waffle, which is perfect for me because if I make three I’ll eat three. And who needs three waffles?

Waffle for One

1 egg

1 T coconut flour

1 T protein powder

¼ tsp vanilla stevia

2 T half and half

1 T mandarin olive oil

Heat the waffle iron. Mix all ingredients together. I usually take a stick of salted butter and just run it over the waffle iron when it’s hot, and then spread the batter evenly. I put the waffle iron on the highest setting so it gets a little darker.

This is a pretty sweet waffle—and because of that, I just put butter on it. The orange infused oil is obviously optional, but I did really like that flavor.

It’s not quite a perfect flour-y crispy-outside waffle, but it’s as close as I’ve gotten! I keep thinking of ways to make the outside just a little crunchier…

News/Notes: I made more fruit snacks… with flavored water and some other stuff added. They were…ok. Kind of weird and well, watery tasting. I’m trying to make a version that tastes like a regular fruit snack but that doesn’t have the high sugar content. So far, not much luck, but I have more ideas!  (p.s. the wine fruit snacks are still my favorite so far)

I’m going for a hike today on the Santa Monica Mountains… it couldn’t be a nicer day!

3 thoughts on “Grain Free Waffle for One!”

  1. looks perfect! we love the coconut flour based breads you created and love this one as well, we hope to add protein powder back and definitely going to make this!

  2. Maria@healthydiaries

    I definitely miss my crispy waffles too! Coconut flour would be perfect if it would just get a little crispy ;-/ Your recipe looks great tho, I’l have to try it next time I make waffles. Hope all is well! 🙂

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