How I Eat… Blissfully and Happily :-)

I’ve been promising this for a while… sample days of what I eat.

I know I’ve said it already, but my only real hesitation is that I don’t want people to just copy what I do. I came to this way of eating after approximately 5 (or more) years of experimentation. I fully support the trial and error approach to food—and believe me, there will be a lot of errors along the way if you do this.

I spent a lot of time going down the “wrong” path, thinking it must be right for me….and being confused about why it wasn’t working.

I’ve talked in the past about some health issues I’ve had, and I don’t want to go into it too much now, but I’ll try to give explanations for some of my choices too. (And feel free to ask questions)

Sample Day 1

upon waking: chug 16-20 oz filtered water (post coming soon on my filtration system)

6-8am: chocolate pb coconut frosting

12-1pm (whenever I get hungry): green juice (all veg, no fruit), 3 pieces of goat cheese (I’m obsessed with this cheese called the Yodeling Goat), a few carrots or some other crunchy thing. If still hungry, I’ll eat pb or a pb cup

3-6pm (whenever I get hungry): coconut flour garlic flatbread, roasted broccoli, salmon (or some other meat)

7-10pm (if I’m hungry): pb cup (or 2) or other dessert (like the vanilla mini layer cakes, etc.)


Sample Day 2

upon waking: chug 16-20 oz filtered water

6-8am green juice (all veg, no fruit)

10-1 (whenever I get hungry): coconut flour grilled cheese or an omelet with cheese and veg

6-8pm (later than the other sample day b/c the lunch was super filling): cauli crust pizza, or pizza bites…usually with toppings/stuff added (veg, meat, etc.)


I could keep going…I have more ways to eat! On days I don’t drink green juice, I add in more veggies, like salads, etc. But, this is kind of an overview. For me, I do not thrive on eating many times during the day. It makes me feel full and yucky, and it leads me to overeating. I eat a lot of fat, so I’m full most of the time without feeling puffed up or bulky. Because of my super low sugar and grain intake, I don’t really have cravings at all (and if I do, I just eat one of my own creations that don’t feed cravings anyway).

Side notes:

  • I drink wine maybe 2-3 times a week, depending on the week and who I’m with (some weeks I don’t drink at all, and other weeks I find myself indulging almost everyday)
  • If I’m starving or need a snack, I am known to just dip a spoon into the nut butter jar (lately I’m enjoying the Earth Balance Coconut Peanut Spread)
  • I drink coffee maybe 2 times a week (this has been inconsistent lately…on for a week, off for a week–but I like the special occasion/out to breakfast approach to coffee), and I add half and half and coconut oil
  • I don’t count calories anymore ever
  • I eat when I’m hungry
  • I stop when I’m full
  • I have the ability to do that because I found the foods that work for my body best
  • I will occasionally eat rice in sushi, breadcrumbs in crab cakes, etc. when I’m so inclined (because I love those foods)…but daily, I do not eat grains or fruit
  • If I drink too much alcohol, I do things like eat Pirate’s Booty or a regular cookie, or I call the guy I like and invite him to Thanksgiving dinner after knowing him for only three weeks.
  • I’m obsessed with coconut oil
  • I’m obsessed with avocados
  • My sample days may look like there isn’t much food, but if you add up the coconut oil, butter, cheese, etc… I’m sure the caloric intake is well over what the government would predict for my body size
  • I weigh anywhere between 112-116 at any given time, and I’m now 100% convinced that abs are made in the kitchen. I’ve never worked out in such a relaxed and enjoyable manner in my life….and my muscle tone is the best it has ever been. My body fat is 14%, down from 16.6% when I ate less fat and more carbs

I don’t talk about it much, but I agonized for years about food—I never felt good and I didn’t know what to do. I followed advice to “clean” my diet more and more…and I felt worse and worse. I read raw food books, thought maybe veganism could help me, cut dairy and butter… brewed my own kombucha… and still felt worse and worse.

I am not going to speculate at the moment about all the contributors to my feeling crappy for years, but food was a major player. If you know me already, you’ll recognize my turning points as I’ve mentioned them before.

I read Deep Nutrition by Dr. Catherine Shanahan

I read Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon

I stalked the Weston Price Foundation website

I read Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis

I read Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson and clicked around at

I added saturated fat into my diet with a vengence. I took out fructose and grains. I felt better immediately.

I’ve tweaked things over the past 1+ year since I flipped my diet. I’ve never ever felt better mentally or physically. I know that my issues were not a character flaw, they were food-induced.

I added supplements. I changed my supplements. I adjusted amounts, brands, types…. and came up with the current plan:

2000mg MSM per day (I swear it cured my achilles tendon issues within a week)

3g SunChlorella (other brands do not work for me)

Source of Life whole food vitamins (3/day)

1g glutamine after workout

1/2 tsp High vitamin butter oil/fermented cod liver oil

Jay Robb protein powder…. when I feel like it, or in some recipes


Side note: If I were going to recommend one supplement to you (to everyone)… it would be SunChlorella.

I got the following info from their website:

Sun Chlorella Tablets . . .

  • Boast 93-95% digestibility thanks to Pulverized Chlorella by DYNO®-Mill™. Because this uses no heat or enzymes, only pressure changes, the chlorella loses no nutrients and gains no contaminants;
  • Are made from grade A chlorella grown outdoors in man-made pools for optimum photosynthesis and Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) concentration;
  • Give you chlorella’s unique nutrient, CGF, a mixture of nucleic acids, beta glucans and other compounds that help your body renew itself;
  • Give you 22 vitamins and minerals, protein (including all 9 of the essential amino acids) and healthy fats;
  • Supply you with the only form of B12 your body can use. Vegans, take note:Chlorella is the only known food to produce this form;
  • Support immune health, comfortable joint movement, sharp thinking and memory, healthy digestion, clear vision, and more;
  • Help your body remove toxins;
  • Are safe for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, children and older adults;
  •  Boost your energy levels safely;
  •  Have a mild taste even kids enjoy;
  • Come packaged in a carefully designed recyclable foil hermetically sealed pouch, with food grade plastic, and cardboard box to keep tablets intact and fresh;
  • Are available in either 200 mg or 500 mg

(end quote)

I’ve been taking chlorella for years (with a few breaks when I ran out and got lazy). It makes me feel emotionally happy, physically energized, strong, and balanced… and it reduces cravings. It also helps my skin stay clear.

There you have it. I expect this will change and evolve with time and with more learning, and probably changing needs too. I’ve read so many nutrition books and plans over the years—as a result of personal quest and professional motivation. I don’t subscribe to one “right” plan. I subscribe to a blend of all the great parts of every philosophy, which are often able to be tailored.

Note: Don’t judge other people’s food intake based on your understanding of nutrition. Don’t tell people how many times a day to eat. Don’t tell them what percentage of fat/pro/cho they should eat. Give people opportunities to explore it positively for themselves. They’ll be better off and you’ll be less frustrated in the long run.

That said, I do think there are some universal truths (but beyond these…it’s too personal to generalize):

  • No one should consume high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, artificial colors, and other chemicals (stuff made in a lab). If you do it once in a while, you’ll probably be fine, but save it for a special occasion if you have to have it.
  • Everyone should consume as many micronutrients as possible (vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals).
  • People consume too much sugar (natural included).

News/Notes: I better keep this part short since the top part is so long… I’m heading out to a British pub to meet up with K’s man in a bit. He returned from his 3-month international jaunt last night, and I need to catch up with him! (note: I’ll probably have a beer—who orders wine in a British pub?!).

I’ve got a lot going on. I got recruited for a job possibility which requires me to take a 3-hour test. So I’ll be studying a lot in the next few weeks. Pilar and I have our plan in the works for the Nutrition/Yoga for Pregnancy series (will be available online in Dec or Jan). My furniture and belongings are still MIA. No one has bought my car yet, but there are a couple bites. I’ll be in NY for Christmas!

Do you eat according to government guidelines, or have you carved your own path?

What’s new with you? Any new opportunities or great things?



7 thoughts on “How I Eat… Blissfully and Happily :-)”

  1. I have definitely carved out my own path and I’m really loving the results lately! I didn’t think I needed to eat as much protein. I was a great weight and felt great, but after studying fitness nutrition, I realized that I needed more to support what I was doing. Again, it had to do with what I was doing physically and once I added more protein, my muscle definition became more developed and my energy level increased! Nutrition is definitely not a one size fits all scenario. Everyone has to find what works for them and when you do, it really does feel great. The down size is that we’re constantly changing, so what works today, may not work tomorrow. I will tackle that tomorrow. 😉

    Also, my mother-in-law bought me 20 jars of that coconut peanut butter…LOVE IT!

  2. My nutritional journey continues to evolve as well. I’m glad for that though, and I do feel like I keep getting closer and closer to what’s right. I’ve stopped exercising too much, too often, too long, I have deeper insight into the reasons I would eat when I wasn’t truly hungry. When I look back at where I’ve been and how far I’ve come, the road is long! I feel so good now compared to how I felt in my twenties, I have ALWAYS felt that “food is your medicine”, even when I wasn’t eating that well.

    In other news, today was Frosting Day 3! I am hooked and totally digging it (literally “digging” coconut oil out of my jar, it’s cold here in Western NY!) and even made it for my husband yesterday who liked it as well. I’ve known for years now how good coconut oil is for you (from Brendan Brazier and Thrive) but I’m especially intrigued now and have been scouring the web for more information these past couple of days.

    I found Grade B maple syrup at Abundance today and bought raw cheese for the first time ever too! I also made your PB cups this morning, it’s been a Thrive Style kind of day!

    And do tell, will 3 Week Man be joining you for Thanksgiving Dinner? (!!) 😉

    I enjoyed this post, thanks for sharing!

  3. I’m loving that you’re liking the frosting. Well, and all that other stuff too. I am often too enthusiastic about my nutritional endeavors… so I love when other people feel the same way. And I’ve always kind of felt like you and I relate on this stuff—in approach, etc.
    And yes, 3 wk man said yes 😉

    On Thu 15/11/12 21:12 , “Disqus” sent:

  4. Maria@healthydiaries

    So happy that you’ve discovered what foods your body thrives on. I know from experience that it can be a long journey. I also thought I was eating the right foods because I was eating “clean”. We really do have to pay attention to what we eat. I think I also thrive on lots of healthy fats. I was never one to stay full from protein and just didn’t get why. I would drink protein shakes and be hungry 30 minutes later. I’m so happy because I love my coconut oil and avocados.

    Thanks for posting this, I can’t wait to hear about your filtration system. I’ve been wanting to get one this year and I might just add it to my Christmas list 🙂 Oh, and you better tell us all about 3 week man coming to Thanksgiving!!!

  5. Ohh this is fascinating! Thank you so much for giving us a view into what YEARS of trial and error has resulted in for you: your very very customized eating ‘plan’ — I dig it. It works for YOU. It makes YOU happy. It fuels YOU. And best of all? It’s mindful, I dig it. And totally agree – nobody’s eating habits are up for judgement, just do what works for you. Bottom line. PS good luck with the job!!

  6. Ohh this is fascinating! Thank you so much for giving us a view into what YEARS of trial and error has resulted in for you: your very very customized eating ‘plan’ — I dig it. It works for YOU. It makes YOU happy. It fuels YOU. And best of all? It’s mindful, I dig it. And totally agree – nobody’s eating habits are up for judgement, just do what works for you. Bottom line. PS good luck with the job!!

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