Your Instagram Pics! (More brownies, flatbread, pb cups, and ice cream!)

I decided I’d post the next round of IG pics tonight…


There you have it! Flatbread, brownies, cookies, pb cups…ice cream 🙂

So many of my favorite things.

News/Notes: I’m heading to dinner with K and friends in a minute (Father’s Office in Santa Monica), and then K is dropping me at the airport. My flight is at 11:20pm, which is so ideal…if I sleep all the way to DC. Chances are I won’t, but I don’t usually mind the night flights…it always goes fast…and I have the window seat so I can lean my head on the wall and not on someone’s shoulder 🙂

I was SO productive today….mostly due to deadlines, and knowing I need to spend all day tomorrow un-packing, re-packing, and moving stuff out of storage so the movers can come and get it next week. My goal is to do it all by Saturday evening so I can be over it and just focus on seeing my people. Matthew has a soccer game Saturday, and his birthday is Sunday, so I’ll be immersed in that too.

Side note: I’ve been doing yoga more consistently for the last two weeks…like almost everyday. I can’t believe how much my core strength has improved (and I was no slouch before!). I’ve also changed some things about the way I’m eating and I know that has affected me too—hello clear skin 🙂

I’ll fill you in—although I’ve been busy and I’ll be busy next week, I’ll still have free time during the day while everyone is working or in school!

Hope you’re week is great, and Happy #WineFriday in advance!

3 thoughts on “Your Instagram Pics! (More brownies, flatbread, pb cups, and ice cream!)”

  1. I hope you’re having wonderful time!! Have a blast at the soccer game today and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Matthew tomorrow!

  2. Laury (the fitness dish)

    Yummm!!! Look at all these folks loving your amazing recipes!! I am a fan of all of them!

    Happy birthday to Matthew..I saw and wanted to make sure i got my wishes in 🙂

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