Weekend Wine and Family, and Thoughts on Moving

I thought I’d take a small break from throwing recipes at you, and just be more general for a minute. I have been doing a lot of thinking about my move to Santa Monica, my life, food….friends (old and new). You name it, I’ve probably been thinking about it! Here’s a snapshot view…

We had lunch at South Coast winery (aunt, uncle, K, me). I love food in California--no one even notices that I eat "weird" because there are always choices that I can eat!
We did a lot of this (white and red)...a little too much, but I'll be honest, aside from feeling a little fuzzy when I woke up the next day...no hangover (so obviously I kept things under control!).


Me, K, Aunt C... we've always been close, and I used to spend a lot of time with them in the summers while I was young...but there really is nothing like geographical proximity --that daily life stuff and time together makes a difference!
We also went to a winery called Leoness that had the most amazing view. I was actually speechless. My aunt and uncle belong to the wine club, so we could walk down through the vineyards to the barrel room.
Kinda sorta reminded me of home...but with its own twist 🙂
We stopped at one last winery in Temecula, and of course as soon as I saw the oils and vinegars...I knew I'd get them (instead of wine). I have big plans for this chocolate balsamic!
K and I stopped for Mexican food and margaritas on our way back to Santa Monica on Sunday...it was the perfect cap to the trip (before I had to get back to work!)
Obviously I'm changing topics now...but all this random stuff is super important 🙂 Last week, Maria at healthydiaries.com posted about fermented cod liver oil, and I ordered it that same day. I've been taking cod liver oil, but not the fermented version (even though I knew it was better--it's also more expensive). I swear I've noticed a difference...even within 3 days. My skin is so soft, I can't stop touching my arms. Ha. I'll fill you in more soon!


A major goal of mine for the past few weeks has been to drink more water. But I want good quality water that doesn't come from plastic bottles. So I bought this mineral water filter... It's big, and K picked on me for having it on the counter. So...it may be an eyesore, but I love it. It actually has rocks in the bottom! I'll fill you in on this soon too...
Sloppy joe recipe coming soon...


Regardless of the fact that I’ve met a lot of nice and fun people here, I still spend quite a bit of time alone—I mean, I came here from living with Joe in an apartment that was across the street from my Mom. So I always had connection with my people everyday…and of course I had a lot more people and connections there in general just based on growing up there and working there for years. It didn’t take effort really to stay connected. But now, I do have to put in effort to make sure I’m connecting with people everyday. I work so much online, that it would be easy for me not to do this on some days. Meeting new people is fun–I’ve been out for drinks and coffee with several different people, and it’s interesting to see who I really click with and feel connected to instantly (funny sarcastic smart fit people usually draw me in). But I also love being alone. My apartment is pretty zen (read: empty) still, so I listen to music, read books, watch New Girl on Hulu, and just spend time with my thoughts when I’m here alone. This has been such a positive experience for me so far–I find myself walking down the Promenade holding back from just grinning. I have that feeling like I am in exactly the right place doing exactly what I’m “supposed” to be doing right now.

And I have a plan now too…just like I requested, it fell into my lap and just made complete sense. I’m working on the planning part, and probably won’t make too much headway till I’m back from NY, but at least I can keep strategizing and doing little things till then!

Also, my friend Pilar and I are putting together a workshop that we’ll offer here in Santa Monica in November or December that’s about nutrition, yoga, and pregnancy. She’s pregnant and a yoga teacher, and I’m the nutrition lady…so it just makes sense (besides the fact that we’re both really excited about it!).

I made peanut butter breakfast cookies today. Just replace part of the protein powder in the Coconut Flour Cookies recipe with 2 Tbsp peanut butter… They may be the best ones yet!

That’s it I think… I hope your week is great!

8 thoughts on “Weekend Wine and Family, and Thoughts on Moving”

  1. So what I’m understanding is that I now need to purchase a second ticket to Cali (on top of the one I have for San Fran in January) to attend this workshop!? Can you make it into a podcast maybe?? 😉 I’m so excited (and not surprised!) that you and Pilar are teaming up. A little jealous too, but way more excited. I hope there’s time for us to grab a glass of wine while you’re home…

  2. I’m with Heather, you sound so happy and I love it! I’m glad things are peaceful and that your feeling more at home. I love how you just keep going!

  3. Maria@healthydiaries

    So So happy for you Lisa! I will continue to send positive energy your way 🙂

    I’m excited that you got the FCLO and that you’re already seeing results! I am actually going to take mine right now. My sister-in-law is also taking them and I’m excited to see if they help her too.
    As you already know I made a version of your pizza bites and plan on making your breakfast brownies for tmw. You are on a roll with your recipes and I am so grateful!

  4. I LOVE how settled you are from the perspective of embracing this life choice you’ve made and making it your own in all that you do…while continuing to embrace ‘discomfort’ along the way too. I LOVE this path of life you’re walking towards, I just sense awesome things around the bend for you. So very cool.

  5. I am so very happy for you and where you are in your life!! It must be an amazing feeling to KNOW you are exactly where you should be! Keep exploring and enjoying your alone time. I can’t wait to see what you do with that chocolate balsamic YUM!

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