Palm Beach Athletic Wear Review {#FitFluential} plus FREE TRX Training, a Giveaway for Wellness Coaching and a $50 Palm Beach Athletic Wear Gift Certificate!


When I was offered the opportunity to do a review for Palm Beach Athletic Wear, I jumped on it—the clothes looked great online, and I’m always looking for new brands to try!

Kristen from Palm Beach Athletic Wear sent me the gear at no cost, and I agreed to do a review. The opinions here are 100% my own.

Yesterday, I mentioned my resourcefulness in managing my own photo shoot for this review…well, I’ll be honest, my resourcefulness far outweighed my photography skills using the iPhone, tripod, and camera timer. It was a little too bright, the surfaces were a little unpredictable, and I clearly have no skill with camera angle (or timers) in this arena. But I tried to pull together enough acceptable pics that would show you what the clothes are like and how they fit. (And I’ll post some outtakes tomorrow just for kicks!).

Kristen sent me the following:

  • Coral Pink Multi Way Tank (size small)
  • Gray Basic Short (size small)
  • Element V Headband (one size)
  • Palm Beach Athletic Wear Logo Tank (size small)

My reaction:


I love the top. It fits really well and stays in place. Size Small was perfect, and it’s the right length (many tops I’ve bought recently have been really long).

There is a shelf bra, no padding, and along with dimrs, I’d wear this top for any workout or to any class (spinning, yoga, etc.). I read that you can cross the straps in the front too, but I didn’t know that till just now. I like the idea, but it’s not really my style (although

I’m sure I’ll try it and see).

The shorts are great too. I am SO picky about fitted shorts. They can’t ride up. They must be super low rise. They have to look flattering from all angles (and let’s face it, those things can be hard to find in short fitted shorts). These shorts fulfilled all of my requirements–I did all kinds of workout moves (yoga, TRX, handstands, etc.), and they did not need to be adjusted. I did fold the

top down, and this worked great—many of my workout bottoms come unfolded as I work out so I have to keep fixing them, and these stayed put. Note: they’re still low enough un-folded, and work great both ways.


The headband rocks. I love headbands for working out, especially in the mornings when my hair is not looking its finest. I have kind of a big head (at least that’s what my sister always told me), and so headbands often slide backwards and stop doing their job (or fall off during yoga). As a result, I usually buy headbands with the grippy things on them—this headband did not have a grip, but it didn’t slip at all and it wasn’t too tight. Note: the headband has red in it, so it doesn’t really coordinate with the coral top, but I wanted to wear everything together–just don’t buy those two things  thinking they match!

20120924-135041.jpgLast but not least, the logo tank is super soft. If you know me, you know I’m obsessed with ribbed tank tops. I do sometimes wear cotton ones to work out in (even though it can be a little soggy when I sweat a lot), and I also wear them to bed, and with jeans or shorts, and well, most of the time (and I don’t expect that to change since I’m skipping winter this year!). As a habit, I don’t wear a lot of apparel with big logos on it but I do see myself wearing this around the house or to workout in (I have some great Mizunos that will match the blue!).


There you have it. My review of the goods, and a few pics.

What do you think? Are you ready to place an order? Kristen also sent me a bunch of 10% off coupons, so if you want one, let me know in the comments and I’ll pick some people to send them to.

Here’s the other fun part about this post…


To a limited number of people who live in Santa Monica (or want to work here), I’m giving away:

2 Weeks of FREE TRX (plus optional HIIT) Workouts

If you want to spend a couple weeks working out with me for free, please send me an email: and I’ll let you know if the quota has been filled or not. (Don’t forget, this has to take place in Santa Monica, either at your home or we’ll find a place outside).


You can enter to win one month of FREE Wellness Coaching with me and a $50 gift certificate to Palm Beach Athletic Wear.

If you want one of the prizes and not the other, you can tell me which one you want when you win! 

Wellness coaching can be in person, via Skype, email, phone, Face Time, etc. The value of this giveaway is approximately $1200. It is tailored to your needs/wants (weight loss, body shape, muscle building, depression/anxiety, high cholesterol/BP, musculoskeletal issues, skin issues, etc.), and can include nutrition, fitness, goal-setting, and strategies for ongoing success.

How to enter:

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Tomorrow I’m going to post some of my photo shoot outtakes, tell you about the gear I used to take pics of myself, and talk more about the 28-Day Skin Cleanse/Detox I’ll be offering soon 🙂


30 thoughts on “Palm Beach Athletic Wear Review {#FitFluential} plus FREE TRX Training, a Giveaway for Wellness Coaching and a $50 Palm Beach Athletic Wear Gift Certificate!”

  1. Um. I can’t get over your guns – HOT. Seriously. You are killer strong!! Aside from that, I’d love to win this giveaway, for reals.

  2. My best friend Jesica Cockerham just sent me to your site about the giveaway! Love all of your recipes and workouts!!

  3. This post is so unreal I don’t even know where to start. FIRST of all holy hell Lisa you are so freaking bomb! Your body is killlller and I want to steal your arms!! Whatever you do..KEEP DOING it because you look amazing. I say this every time, but it’s so true.

    Those clothes are adorable, and look great!! I am so jazzed about them!! I wish I lived near you so I could come workout with you/steal your arms.

  4. Lisa_healthy_diaries

    I already do 1,2 and 4! I’d love to win and use the wellness coaching for my mom. She’s aways had high cholesterol and even though she eats pretty clean she can’t lower it. I’d love for to get off her medicine!!

  5. Maria@healthydiaries

    Love this giveaway! I already follow you on Twitter and Fb and Subscribe 🙂 I would also love to win this to talk about how to lower my Mom’s cholesterol.

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