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Since I’ve been all angst-y (sort of) and in my head (sort of) lately, I thought I’d lighten things up a bit. I haven’t been posting much because I have felt like I would be saying the same things over and over again… and well, I haven’t made anything too interesting in the kitchen because (1) Cousin is slightly picky (so we’ve been eating the same things over and over) and (2) I have limited kitchen tools to work with (I miss my vita-mix).

I have an idea for dinner this evening though…and I’ll share it if it turns out well.

I have definitely been to the gym a lot since I’ve been here—it just makes sense for me right now. I don’t know many people, and although my cousin and I are super good at drinking wine and watching the Kardashians together, (she’s in the middle of high intensity stuff at work that is going amazingly well for her because she’s so awesome at what she does)…she’s tired at night and we don’t do much that’s active. In my quest to have my own life (outside of hers), I need to be around people I have things in common with…fitness is the easiest thing for me to focus on, and food is the second easiest.

So I’m going to free chef demos, and also just hanging around the gym a lot.

I’m not necessarily in the best shape I’ve ever been in—I have some serious knots in my shoulder and neck that are limiting my yoga class participation and upper body workouts, and I tend to not moderate my effort very well in spinning (I work too hard) so I have to take a day off after every time I take a class. The weight room in my gym is somewhat of a meat market (so to speak) in the evenings, so I tend to stay away from it then—I’m there to be around people I have things in common with, not to go fishing, if you know what I mean.

In general, I like to be a little more structured about my workouts, but I’m trying to just go with the flow these days—do some things outside, some things inside…and do nothing when I need to rest. What a revelation 🙂

I’m interested to know though….are you regimented in the gym or for your workouts? Do you just work out to feel good or be healthy, or do you have specific goals?

I could name some specific goals for myself I suppose, but in general, I think I’m more aimless about it right now. Kinda matches my life 🙂

Next week, I’m going to do a product review for Palm Beach Athletic Wear (via FitFluential)—they’re sending me some of their workout gear to try out, and I think I’m extra excited due to my current shopping sabbatical. I’ll definitely be posting about that, and I’ll have a TRX workout to share too. Also, people have been asking me about how I fuel myself on a grain and fruit free diet when I’m doing intense workouts… I’ll go into that a bit too.

Here are some pics from my week…


My best time of day, alone (with some fishermen) on the pier. Kristen says it's creepy---that it looks like there's about to be a natural disaster or something. It's just the contrast I need compared to the extreme busy-ness during the day/evening. I also feel that way about being by the ocean in general---eastward it's so busy and almost claustrophobic, but it's balanced by the westward openness---I turn that way, and I can breathe.


Last weekend, K and I sat outside and drank champs....why? Who knows, but it was fabulous.


Just scenes from the beach


On Labor Day, K broke her toe kicking a soccer ball (which I'm sure is mostly my fault because I'm too competitive)...and things got a little chaotic...we bought a lotto ticket, absolutely sure we'd win $93 million. Who knows what happened, but the universe did not get the memo on that one... (also, I rehabbed her toe with some homeopathic remedies...I'm now a witch doctor too)


This accompanied the champs....don't worry, no bread was harmed in the consuming of this meat and cheese...


Have you been to the 3rd Street Promenade? If so, you probably don't recognize it when it's empty. It's quite nice like this. Meet me outside Starbucks tomorrow at 6am, and I'll show you!


How regal, don't you think? For some reason this pose cracks me up. He sang me a song too--then went and stole the neighbor's macaroni salad.


4 thoughts on “Fitness Perspectives”

  1. you know, whenever i travel or move somewhere, my workouts change. I was at the gym a lot in New Zealand for the interaction too. It was nice. I took classes and enjoyed less structure. You’ll find your groove soon. Wish i could send you a vitamix to borrow!

  2. I love your pictures, especially the Ferris wheel and the seagull. I have been working towards a specific goal (half marathon) for the past 3ish months at the gym and am starting to get back to a not so specific routine. I am still trying to go to similar classes because I love them, but now they are just to maintain my fitness level.

  3. I love all of your cheerful photos! Your vibe sounds like you’re feeling pretty happy 🙂 These days my workouts are super lax, I basically just make sure I do SOMETHING everyday, whether its a short walk, a little workout, or whatever. I’m slowly gaining some strength!

  4. Laury @The Fitness Dish

    I miss you and love reading about what’s going on with you! No Vitamix?! Nooo! You need to ship it out there! Hahah Cali is turning you into a witch doctor, huh?? I am excited to hear about the big decision you made today!

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