Detoxing and Cleansing…Your {My} Body and Life

Obviously, I’ve taken a break from writing here, and although I didn’t intend to, there was just no way for me to fit it in over the past couple weeks (not true, I could have crammed it in, but my head wasn’t in it). I did the Jersey Shore thing with my friends and Matthew, and then I went to Cali for a long weekend…and then last weekend I went to Massachusetts to reunite with my college roommates. The great thing about teaching online and having a flexible schedule with clients is that I can travel and still work…

Currently, I have two posts in the works–the second post about detoxing (this one is kind of an in-between post), and one about fat. In the meantime, please go read my friend Laury’s post about going grain free and contemplating the topic of fat intake.

In general, I’m detoxing a lot of things in my life. I’m sure you won’t mind that I don’t go into all the nitty gritty details, but here’s the overview…

I’m cleaning, purging stuff, and packing…so I can go to California for 6 weeks (2 months?) on August 21st (I have a one-way ticket, but I fully intend to come back for Matthew’s birthday at the end of October). I’m pretty excited about this—I have a project to work on while I’m there, and I’ll be staying with my cousin. In the process, I’ll be exploring whether or not I want to move there and “make a living.” Obviously, Cali has a higher cost of living than where I live now (want to quadruple your rent, anyone?). So I’m staying open-minded and just want to see where it goes. If you know me, you know that I’m kind of an overachiever—and I just need a new challenge. Besides, who doesn’t want to live where the sun always shines and the ocean is close by? (I know, some people don’t want that….I swear I will not miss the seasons if I go there, I’ve wanted to live in Cali since I was 12).

Going through every single thing I own does a few things…. It makes a HUGE mess! My apartment looks like a bomb went off. It helps me keep in perspective what is important—stuff is not. However, the stuff I have that’s already old has some nostalgic value, especially things that have to do with my sister. I can’t possibly get rid of my hundreds of Babysitter’s Club books. But, if I didn’t have the cabbage patch kids or the old records and lunchboxes, I honestly would not miss them. So I’m trying to determine to what level I want to detox stuff from my life.

I’ll be honest, this process occasionally puts me on the verge of tears—the VHS tape I found of my sister playing volleyball in 1993, the answering machine I will never throw away because my sister’s voice is on it telling me she’ll call me back after dinner, things that are from an era of my family that I can’t ever get back. But then it reminds me that it’s ok too—being sad, moving forward, and using challenges as opportunities.

I swear I want to do that. So I’m creating this Cali challenge for myself to see just how far I can go with both internal and external motivation.

The detox/cleansing aspect of this post is really about tying up loose ends from the past and letting go of barriers before moving forward. I have certain things I need to do, and certain things I need to say to some people. Then I feel like I have clearance to make progress again. I stalled it—almost 9 years ago, when Matthew was born.  I quit my “career” as a civilian employee for the Air Force and moved home to help out (and honestly I would not change any of what has happened since then). It’s not that I’ve done nothing for myself during this time (after all, I got a PhD and have spent plenty of money on premium denim and weekend trips), but my life decisions have considered other people—mainly Matthew, my Mom, and whatever relationships I’ve been in.

Truthfully, I’m excited, and it’s kind of strange to not have limits.

I’ll be better about posting—I am leaving in less than three weeks, and all I have to do between now and then is wrap up details and teach online (no more trips!).

Here are a few recent pics…I’ll see you soon with more detox info (the real part 2!).

I've done way more of this than normal....and it's been fun, but I'm back off vacation mode again and back on the water! This was from a winery in MA that I visited with my college roommates.
I made vanilla coconut cream mousse the other day and it reminded me how awesome this stuff is! I changed the recipe slightly (and even added a little dark chocolate balsamic)--I'll post about it soon. It is fantastic!
Mom, Fred, and I took Matthew SUP boarding---sometimes I forget how old "8" is...he can do so much. Then other times, I forget how young "8" is and I have to remind myself that even though his little attitude comes out like my sister's did...I can't respond to him like I would have responded to her!
Next Door Bar and Grill....really, if you're local and you haven't been there, you need to go! May I recommend the turkey meatballs, the robata grill, and the warm mushroom salad!! I went there on Monday with Katelyn ( for her 19th bday, and then we went to Chocolate and Vines for some fancy chocolates...


I had wine with my two chocolates (passion fruit and mint)...Katelyn didn't mind, she tried one of each of the dark chocolates and they all looked amazing!
Matthew and I have been fishing a lot, which is not my cup of tea, but he loves it and doesn't need help with worms or fish or anything. We've got a great place in the shade, next to a I drink coffee and sit in my lawn chair, and he fishes and eats grilled cheese when he gets hungry....We were there for 6 hours on Wednesday!

I hope your summer is as positively eventful as mine has been!

What have you been up to?

Any big changes in your life?

Tonight I’m meeting the other Lisa B at the Summer Wine and Food Pairing class at the NY Wine and Culinary Center…I bet we’ll learn lots of great things, and if we don’t, at least there’s wine and food involved! Happy #WineFriday 🙂

12 thoughts on “Detoxing and Cleansing…Your {My} Body and Life”

  1. Heather (Where's the Beach)

    I go through phases of purging the “junk” as well and that has included “friends.” It can sometimes be harder to let go than you realize. I have been feeling the urge to get rid of soooo much junk that clutters the house right now actually. But then I find a tape or a video or pictures and I just can’t bring myself to really getting rid of things. I’m so excited for you!

  2. I find going through stuff  can sometimes be a pain, but also always feel great when I do. Sometimes it is hard when something has a memory, but I am trying my best to get rid of things. I do feel lighter in this way.

    All your eats and drinks look great!!

  3. I am in a real need to purge junk and move forward. I have a tendency to not deal with things that are difficult or that I just don’t want to do and that has left things in a lot of disorder lately. I’m so glad that you’re taking a little time for yourself. I hope that you find what you’re looking for. Tony and I did the same thing last year when we moved to Tennessee, but in reality, it helped us see where we really needed to be. I think it’s perfect that you have an opportunity to make a change and see how it fits you. I’m really excited for you and this adventure! 

  4. lots of exciting plans in the works, lisa!! glad you to hear you are striding forward and anticipating changes!
    it’s been such a great summer so far…i feel like i’ve made the most of every day!

  5. Oh my goodness, such big changes for you! Hugs to you for your journey and let’s figure out a time to meet up once live gotten settled here in CA!

  6. Dark chocolate balsamic sounds awesome!  I think these are things you need to go through to move forward, and I think that is awesome!  I’ve had a bunch of life changing things happen to me recently, so I understand how it hurts, but it helps.  At least I feel like I am finally moving forward and not backwards, and I think it sounds like you are too!  

  7. I’ve missed you! Especially your perspective — it’s always so fresh, so eye opening, so different, and it always makes me stop to think. Especially in today’s post about the ‘stuff’ aspect of life…

    Excited to hear more about this Cali challenge of yours, it sounds awesome for you! 

  8. I love how moving puts everything in perspective. We moved to Florida from Texas last week and as I drove behind the U-haul all 16 hours of the trip, I kept thinking “how can we possibly have that much stuff?” We threw out A TON  of stuff before we moved, but there was still a lot left. It’s crazy! I am so excited for your new adventure and I know that amazing things wait for you wherever you end up going! 🙂

  9. Jason and I both let go of so many unnecessary possessions when we moved to the new house – while taking on a bigger mortgage we simultaneously let go of STUFF. 

    excited to hear more about California – what a great adventure!

  10. California! For 2 months! I am so excited for you! But you will be even further from me lessening our chances of meeting. Unless I go to Cali. Which I fully intend to do sometime over the next few years!

    We are looking to sell our condo so I have a lot of cleaning and purging to do!

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