Wine, Protein Shake, and Fancy Grilled Cheese (but not together)

I had a really busy weekend, and just have a couple things to share with you. I worked out several times, and am currently icing my achilles. I don’t know, maybe I jumped over/on too many tractor tires with my trainer this morning, but he didn’t seem to think so!

On Friday night, I met the other Lisa B at Microclimate (a wine bar) in Geneva. It just opened last week, and we wanted to see what it was all about. It was trendy and city-like on the inside, and we tasted a flight called “Other Whites.” And then we may have had another glass. It was fun! If you’re near Geneva….check it out! They had bread there, but are apparently working on having other things like cheese plates.

My Mom and Fred had a yard sale on Saturday morning, so after the gym, I ran home and pulled out some junk to sell…as I was bringing it across the street, a woman was practically buying it out of my hands and kept asking me what else I had. So I walked through my apartment to see if there was anything else I was sick of…

I may have sold my dining room table and a lamp (I’m sitting in the dark right now). Maybe I got carried away, but whatever…it’s time for new stuff!

I re-fueled with my favorite new protein shake.

I try to drink a protein shake 30 minutes after my workout. Generally, I use a high quality whey protein (Jay Robb), but I ran out and have egg white protein that I accidentally ordered. I have also been using goat milk protein powder–the benefit is that it has whey and casein proteins in it, so it not only preserves muscle and prevents it from being broken down, but it also promotes muscle building. I’ll be honest, it tastes a little like goat milk…but that’s why I came up with the combo shake.

Chocolate Vanilla Post-Workout Shake


8oz water
6 ice cubes
1 scoop vanilla egg white or whey protein powder (Jay Robb is my fave)
1 scoop Mt Capra chocolate goat milk protein powder

I had my mom taste it, and she was impressed—she said it tasted like a milkshake (but if you’re into McD’s shakes or something, you probably won’t feel that way!).

Last, I made a batch of coconut flour flatbread about 30 minutes after that for fancy grilled cheese (to replace the carbs I used in my workout).

Goat cheese, avocado, and some Frontier Pizza Seasoning (my magic ingredient in...everything)


I had a business meeting this morning, and I even cleaned up some of my office…um, because I also sold a bookcase in the yard sale and dumped everything on the floor.

Since it was Mother’s Day…I spent time with my Mom. But that’s not really any different than any other day, I just know that Mother’s Day is mostly sad for her nowadays. Since she lives across the street, we have easy access for quick walks (or long ones), coffee dates, and porch-sitting… and so we just did a little of all of those today.

Do you drink protein shakes? Any favorites?

Yard sales or no (buy and/or sell)? 

Did you celebrate mother’s day?

14 thoughts on “Wine, Protein Shake, and Fancy Grilled Cheese (but not together)”

  1. never done a yard sale, have helped friends out who did them, always an interesting time haha
    we did not get to celebrate Mother’s day physically with our mom, as she is down in Florida but we did enjoy some coffee and donuts in celebration of her 🙂

  2. nice to catch up with you about your weekend, lisa!
    too funny about how easily you sold some of your yard sale items – esp the dining room table! now you’ll have some “fun money” to play with from your sales! i did a garage sale once and it was worth the effort…made several hundred dollars!
    i do not like drinking protein shakes. i always mix pro powder with just enough water to make it like icing and then spread it on an apple or something…or eat it with a spoon! must be choco flavour!
    glad you saw your mom yesterday…i was thinking that mday is not an easy day for your family. as you know, i love how your mom lives across the street!
    take care of the achilles – ice really does the best job of soothing angry body parts!

  3. Gina (Candid RD)

    I think I’ll start getting into protein shakes before my wedding, because it’s the next best thing to the tube-feeding diet (haha, jk).  I do love protein shakes, but I only really crave them during the summer so July, August and September will be the perfect time to start adding them to my diet!

  4. Heather (Where's the Beach)

    What? A wine bar without cheese??? That’s just crazy talk. I am too lazy to get up early enough for yard sales. I always want to go to them especially after someone brags about some fantastic find. 

  5. Sometimes out with the old and in with the new is the best thing…for some reason, it always de-clutters my mind.  We just did that in our guest room and it feels so much fresher and brighter, even though it isn’t a room we typically spend a lot of time in.  I’m hoping the living room is next.  🙂

    I’ve been hearing a lot about goat’s milk lately and I’m intrigued!  I think I want to give it a try for the healthy benefits alone.  I will definitely look for it.

    Mmm, your grilled cheese looks amazing with avo!

  6. how come your grilled cheese sandwiches look so crunchy and  perfectly toasted? mine were much flater and a lot more soggy. i guess that was why i didnt become a great fan of them!

  7. OMG that sandwich and the wine of course look to die for. I need to try goat cheese and avocado together in a sandwich. I also need to get my butt moving and make one of your delish coconut bread creations.

  8. Here’s what I would try…. first, reduce the amount of milk a little bit and let the batter sit for a few before putting it in the pan (soaks up liquid). Next thing, you can try adding something to the batter, like 1T parmesan cheese or nutritional yeast. To make them less soggy…use more coconut oil or butter in the pan, turn the heat up on the first side and they’ll get more browned. On the second side, go long and low on the heat/time. Let me know if you try!

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