The Santa Monica Stairs Keep Me Humble…

I’m on my way back to NY, so the weekend of fun in Cali has come to an end! I’m trying to talk myself into grading final exams for three classes and doing discussion posts in two others. I should do it—I’m captive on this plane for a few more hours!

It’s always an interesting thing for me to travel and stay with people—I have to work really hard at making sure I get what I need while I’m there. I don’t like to inconvenience anyone, and I’m pretty bad at sticking up for myself. I am doing better though, and really, I was staying with my cousin, so if I can’t be demanding around her there’s just no hope!

I did not really go outside of my “normal” eating at all while I was in Cali—I did have a chocolate milkshake at Planet Raw, but honestly, I only ordered it because the lady recommended it. It was sweetened with honey, which is not something I eat (ever), but I just went with it (and lightning did not strike!). I also had one bite of chocolate at one point, and decided it was not worth it. Yuck (I like the crazy dark stuff).

For the first day and a half, I didn’t exercise, beyond some walking around. My cousin was super sore from a boot camp class she took on Friday evening, so we were walking pretty slowly!

On Monday and today, I walked for two hours (each day) on the beach. I made sure to go in the really deep soft sand, so I’d get an extra leg workout. Then last night, I went with a friend of Kristen’s to “do the stairs.” Have you heard of the Santa Monica stairs? It’s pretty interesting—just two sets of stairs in the middle of a neighborhood, and people run and walk up and down them. That workout is No Joke.

We rode bikes to the stairs, and then did 5 sets down and up, with push-ups (sets of 20) in between each one. It was so inspiring for me to be there, and even anywhere in Santa Monica, because there are so many active people! At all times of day, people are outside being active. The stairs were pretty busy (we were there at after-work time), and it was all types of people. I’ve heard that some famous people go there, but we only brushed elbows with other common folk. one girl had a dog with her, which seemed pretty dangerous, and a couple people were talking on cell phones. Everyone else just seemed to be in their zone. I think if I lived there, I’d have to do it everyday. Or at least a few times a week!


I think I’ll start using the stepmill again when I get home…I know I’ll go back to Santa Monica, and I will definitely be returning to the stairs to see if I can do it better.

Check out my guest post over at Lisa and Maria’s blog!

Ok, I suppose I’ll do some work. I can get used to this traveling thing…my next trip is to Marco Island on June 6th!

Do you ever run stairs or use anything on the landscape to work out?

Have you run the Santa Monica stairs?

When’s your next vacation?

12 thoughts on “The Santa Monica Stairs Keep Me Humble…”

  1. Heather (Where's the Beach)

    I don’t run stairs but am not afraid to take multiple flights of stairs. Talk about a booty workout 😉 We’ll be heading to the beach in less than 2 wks. We’ll probably take the stairs up and down to the condo vs the elevator plus lots of sand walking. 

  2. Awww have a safe trip back!!!

    It’s been a LONG time since I’ve done the stepmill. I haven’t really done anything on the cardio deck except run before the 5k a few times. I’ve been doing lots of jump rope an HIIT stuff. You have inspired me, however, to maybe switch it up tomorrow and get stepping!!!

    I need a vacation…none planned 🙁 Jersey shore this summer, that’s it. Boring.

  3. oh, i would LOVE to do the santa monica stairs!! so glad you were able to tackle that workout, lisa!
    the stairmaster is my favourite x-training – i know it’s not the same as real stairs, but i swear it helps with running hills! and when i had a gym membership, the stepmill sure delivered a great sweat.
    every summer, i visit goderich, a pretty beach town here in ontario. there is a huge set of stairs there that i always go down and back up and back down, just for fun! 🙂
    next vacation – disney, january 2013, yahoo!! i am SO excited for you, getting to marco on june 6th. one of my favourite florida spots!!

  4. There’s a public park near me with a stadium and track. The stadium steps are wide and concrete. I used to run up, then walk/jog down, then repeat 3 or 4 more times the length of the steps, then hit the track for a lap and repeat till done. It was a nice workout, and good for the glutes and hams, especially.

  5. Wow these stairs sound awesome! I have never been to these, but I have done stair workouts before and they are great! 

  6. Stairs kill me every.single.time. No matter how many different times I do them they exhaust me! For the first time in a long time, I don’t have a vacation planned. I always like to try and have something on the calendar to keep me motivated so I may have to change that!

  7. Maria@healthydiaries

    I haven’t done the stairmaster in forever! I might have to be on the lookout in Florida for a big staircase! 

  8. I hate the Stairmaster and really anything stairs related because it kicks my butt every time.  I know it’s a great exercise and I never seem to get used to it or it never gets easy ever.  So, kudos to you, friend.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying California.  My next trip will be to Denver it seems! 🙂

  9. itzyskitchen

    A stair workout sounds fabulous! I need ot start switching it up! I’m getting in a little bit of a rut. Glad you had a good trip. Vacation? Uhhh….we have a couple weddings. We really need to plan something for us!

  10. we have some pretty intense stairs down to the riverbank by my house. They really give your legs a workout if you go up and down them a few times!

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