Salad with Smoky Chipotle Olive Oil and Pineapple Balsamic

Last night, I stopped by my friend Carol’s house…it was a last minute get together—I had things scheduled all day, and it just turned out that the timing was right for me to run over there and catch up with two of my favorite people.

This is a pic from Wine Friday last fall, but we didn't get one last night---same idea though---Carol cooks, we eat, talk, drink wine...
I've known Allie Cat since she was 1....time flies, and she's still my buddy at 9!

Carol always makes the most amazing food—and I just sit there and drink wine and watch her do it. Last night was mahi mahi and salad. She used a smoky chipotle olive oil and pineapple balsamic vinegar for the dressing, and it was so good, I decided to go to the store it came from (F. Oliver’s) today. I’ve had some of their oils before, but never did a tasting and never had any of the more interesting combinations of oil/vinegar together.

Grilled Mahi Mahi with salad (dressing: smoky chipotle olive oil with pineapple balsamic). There's not really a recipe---just do the normal oil to vinegar ratio you use for your salad dressings, and keep it simple! You won't need other ingredients!

I’ve wanted to visit F. Oliver’s for a while—it’s approximately 0.25 miles from my house, but I wasn’t sure about the whole olive oil tasting thing. Would that be weird or gag-inducing? It was really not weird at all, and I’m glad I did it. Now I have fun new flavors to experiment with! Yes, it probably would have been more fun to not go alone, but there was no one around who would go with me, and I was really in need of going right at that moment because I was procrastinating.

Oil and Vinegar tasting, anyone?
Sexy bottles, sexy flavors....
The flavors I bought: fresh bright basil (oil), lemon bouquet (balsamic), herbes de provence (oil), california apricot (balsamic)

Crab cakes tonight. And wine. Did I mention that one of the perks of teaching yoga at a winery is going home with wine? How great is that?!

I have no plans this weekend—just lots of friend time. I better visit my grandparents too one of these days. I wish my grandma would take off her turtlenecks and open the windows for some fresh air, but sometimes when you’re 87, you just do weird things. It’s ok, Grandma, you’ve earned the right to make weird choices and talk about socks and how dangerous the world is these days. I’m trying hard not to neglect them.

What are you doing this weekend?

Do you like flavored oils?

Out of the flavors I got, which combination of oil/vinegar would you want to try?

15 thoughts on “Salad with Smoky Chipotle Olive Oil and Pineapple Balsamic”

  1. Sounds like a really fun get together and that’s some awesome looking oil+vinegar! 😀
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. What a fun time, eating and drinking with friends is the best. These oils look amazing!! I seriously want to try them all. 

  3. What are the ingredients in the balsamics? They don’t have them listed on their website. I’d love to try the cherry or raspberry!

  4. I’m not sure about the cherry or raspberry, but on the two I bought they say:
    sicilian lemons and white balsamic


    apricot and white balsamic

    I’m gonna include one in my next giveaway (winner chooses flavor)….so hopefully you’ll win!
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  5. The mahimahi salad looks very flavourful and tasty. Oil and vinegar tasting…yes, I would love it.
    Yoga course in a winery? that must be fun…

  6. I was at a Home Economics conference this past winter and we sampled vanilla flavoured olive oil! 🙂 It was fantastic!

  7. ooo, enjoy your open-ended/non-scheduled weekend, lisa!
    this line: “I was really in need of going right at that moment because I was procrastinating.” -> totally made me laugh! that’s as good a reason as any to check out the flavoured oil! i have not tried anything like that, and have no real urge to…it’s that whole not cooking thing!
    this weekend, i am working all today and tomorrow a.m. then we are going to try to get to the movie again tomorrow eve!
    glad you got to visit with your friend carol. what a great way to relax!

  8. have a great weekend! sounds like you off to a good start. I am working this weekend, as Lori is down at the beach.
    never been olive oil tasting, would like to do it one day, would love to try the lemon one!

  9. Yum, your dinner looks delicious! Enjoy your time with your grandparents,Lisa! I believe in karma. Put “good” out into the world, it comes back to you! You’ll be glad when you’re 87 and sporting turtlenecks in the heat!

  10. I hope you have a beautiful weekend!  I laughed at your procrastinating comment too.  My whole life has been an adventure in procrastination over the last few weeks.  I think that oil-testing is a pretty good use of your time.

  11. I did an olive oil tasting while out wine tasting in CA last year. I was a little hesitant about the idea at first but wow, what a great experience! The flavors can be so complex. It’s great to learn about their unique qualities, just like wine :). 

  12. There is an oil and vinegar place kinda near me and I really need to go!  Those flavors sound amazing!  Have a great weekend!

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