Sharing Yoga, Coffee, and Food with Friends…

I really needed this today:

And This:

And This:

Just kidding, I didn’t have that last one. But I could go for one right now.

I went to the gym early this morning, after an hour or so of work. Then I met a friend at a hot yoga class and we went to Starbucks after. I also cleaned a lot today, and my friend Ali came over this evening to talk and drink wine. We were going to discuss our upcoming trip to Marco Island, but instead we got sidetracked and talked about things like our high school pictures—peace frogs and co-ed naked t-shirts, tight rolled jeans and k-swiss… you know, the good old days. We both had braces and perms—it was awesome. I bit her once in third grade on the bus on our way to a field trip—she was kind of choking me because I wanted to sit on the aisle seat and she was already there, so it felt like self-defense at the time. I mean, I’m glad we’re still friends 24 years later…

I did sneak a little work into my day, but tomorrow is going to be annoyingly full of work. It’s ok though–I slacked enough yesterday and today to make it worth it.

My neighbor was telling me about how he drinks the Bolthouse green juices, and I tried to gently let him in on the disappointing quality of pasteurized juice…he totally did not get it (or actually listen). People like him make me want to work only with people who are ready and willing to change. So, that’s what I’m doing from now on—being selective. I’ll be frank–I’m over helping people get ready to be motivated. It’s not my job (anymore) to convince anyone to change, but when they’re ready, I’ll help. (Do I sound tough?)

Note: in the corporate setting, I can’t be choosey like that, but when I work with people one-on-one I can.

How is your weekend? Do you drink anything green? Do you ever try to convince someone to adopt healthier habits?

10 thoughts on “Sharing Yoga, Coffee, and Food with Friends…”

  1. oh man, I’ve found it so futile to try to convince someone of healthier habits if they are not ready! But then once they adapt, they can’t IMAGINE people who don’t have those habits anymore- an ugly cycle, I’ve found. 

  2. glad you got out to yoga and for coffee with your friend, lisa! i think those should be high priority items for a saturday! (saw your tweet about the s’bux blend, i will have to look for it up here).
    yup – save your energy for people who are keen to change. i have learned that we need to wait for people to approach us and either ask for help or let us know where they’re at (i am thinking of customers i have met over the years, family, friends, etc). it is futile to make suggestions to others if they are lacking commitment and motivation. you are right to save your energy! (we’re not being harsh, just realistic).
    hope you get some work done today so that you feel on top of your to do list! maybe there is time for some s’bux though?!!

  3. Wait….if you didn’t like the Verona (I remember you disliked it intensely…and I loved it!), you probably won’t like the Willow! It’s their other blond roast….

    I’m definitely making time for a coffee date with my mom today—she needs to buy an ipad for a raffle at work, so we’re going to Apple and stopping at Finger Lakes Coffee Roasters to chat (for hours)…

    You’re SO right about the balance of being realistic—I’m just over wanting something for a person more than they want it!

    Hope your Sunday is fab (even if you have the gray icky rainy weather that we have!)…

  4. Tough love!  Honestly, I think you would hate to work with me.  I slip too, too often.  And I’m actually pretty informed, which only makes it worse.  But it’s ok!  I’d much rather be your friend than your client!  You could influence me to make better choices just by being your own vibrant, smart, glowing self.

  5. I don’t think you sound tough, I think you sound realistic. There is no use wasting your energy on someone who won’t receive it. I think your plan sounds perfect. I try to show people what I believe is a healthy lifestyle, but if they are snooty and get defensive of their frozen chicken and high calorie sauces then I quickly end the conversation. GREEN GREEN all the way!! 

  6. Heather (Where's the Beach)

    LOL – perms & braces…biting & choking 😉 Yep, gotta love friendships like that that stand the test of time!

  7. What’s that saying? “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” Yes, I’ve learned it’s best for me to just do what I do and if people want to mimick me, cool. (I’m talking mainly about being in the gym, where people see me work out. But I no longer offer unsolicited advice.)

    The only person I’ve really tried helping is my boyfriend, and, even then, I took it slowly. He has his own proclivities, even after nearly 6 years. He has to come along at his own pace. But I try to encourage him every chance I get to keep him from sliding back. Too easy for ALL of us!

  8. You do sound tough!  lol, it is hard to convince someone they need to change, even when you know you are right.  Not much you can do until they make that decision.  Hope you have a great day!

  9. It’s a huge pain in the butt to try to get people to change who don’t want to. I don’t blame you. You end up repeating yourself over and over and to no avail! Your coaching is your own thing so you can choose who you’d like to coach 🙂

  10. I generally avoid giving dietary advice, mostly because I think that most people I know don’t want to hear it from me.  Occasionally, I will make gentle suggestions to my boyfriend when he complains about feeling tired all the time.  “Well, honey, that box of Pringles probably didn’t help.”  Have my words of encouragement caused any major changes?  No.  But changing one’s diet is a huge undertaking, especially for someone who is not used to thinking about all the nutrition concepts that have become like second nature for me.  🙂

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