Make a Decision. Then, Make It Right.

Decisions, decisions….hmmm, what’s next?

I’m feeling good about mine right now—where I’m going with work and life and all. However, it is pretty easy to second guess things sometimes, and that’s how I occasionally get stuck in the idea phase of life (rather than the action phase).

I remember talking to my Mom about making decisions when I was younger. I think I was a senior in high school at the time. There was a period of time when she was having health issues and was in bed all the time, so everyday when I got home from school I’d just get into bed with her and we’d talk (or watch TV). I remember talking about how maybe the best approach to life (to avoid stress and agonizing over decisions) would be to just pick categories you want to be in—the ones that feel good and right for you. Then, just use those things as guides when making decisions.

Once you boil decision-making down to that—it’s pretty simple (or at least straightforward).

Let’s say you want to be honest, happy, in good physical shape, a healthy eater, sincere, compassionate…..etc.

When you’re faced with a choice, consider: What would a person who was in all of those categories do?

Plus, what feels best in your gut/heart?

Whatever it is, do that.

Do you remember the last time you agonized over a decision for days and days? Did that agonizing help you at all? Would it have been better to just assess the situation quickly and make a choice? 

I love my Mom’s approach. I refer to it often.

When faced, in any moment, with a choice…

I’m getting a lot better at this these days! I’m trying not to read into things as much either. It’s a lot less stressful, even if sometimes I’m just going along Doing Things without really knowing what the outcome is going to be. There are no guarantees anyway, right?

News/Notes: I have nothing interesting to share today….I worked all day, and had no extra energy. I plan to get a lot done tomorrow, and visit friends too. And workout. Twice.

I might as well be ambitious!

Are you a good decision-maker? 

Any weekend plans?

8 thoughts on “Make a Decision. Then, Make It Right.”

  1. I loved this post. I have long to agonize over decisions. I know what’s in my heart and what I want to do…sometimes it is the action part of it though…well, a lot of times that’s what gets me. Putting all of my knowledge and great ideas and make them live!!! I too have gotten so much better..but with a baby and a husband and a home it gets tough!

    Workout twice?? Damn..ambitious!! I have to drive Mike to the airport in the AM so I have to miss power yoga. I wish their were a noon class I could take! I teach bootcamp Sat morning and Sunday my neighbor asked Ella and I if we would model for a project for her (she’s an amazing photographer). I look forward to some down time and time to catch up on lots of work!

  2. i’ve gotten a whole lot better at making decisions over the past couple of years. two things help me: writing (yes, must be pen and paper!) a list of pros and cons and also making a decision, living with it internally/in your heart for 24 hours and deciding how that decision feels.
    thanks for the reminder that we can remember what values are important and then decide how a decision supports our values. for me, a big one is to feel happy. as you say, there are no guarantees but we can do the best we can with the info available to us.
    sorry to hear your mom went through a rough spell, but your sharing time was one positive of that phase of life!
    what. your day was not exciting yesterday, lisa?! i hope your friday is super fun!

  3. Heather (Where's the Beach)

    I am loving this post! I am not necessarily indecisive, but I don’t always make decisions. In other words, I don’t always act on things/goals/wants etc. I just put them off, set them aside. 

  4. I love your mom’s perspective (and now your’s too!) on decisions. I sometimes waffle (that darn OATT getting in the way!) after I make a decision, never really owning that decision through and through. I need to get better at that – making ONE decision and then sticking to it. Not deciding/re-deciding/questioning/finally deciding/oh wait, maybe not. No more! We’ll call this one a work in progress 😉

  5. I like to think normally I make solid decisions, with life..but lately the decision on what I want to actually DO with and for my life is a bit foggy. I am trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but right now it’s dim. Soon I hope to be there! 

  6. I am THE WORST decisions maker.  I agonize over it, think of all possible scenarios, then rethink it over and over even after I have made it.  I need to have more confidence.

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