Caprese Bruschetta + Wear Sunscreen

Let’s keep things lighter today! I intended to post a different recipe (pb&j cups—think of my version of Reece’s pb cups, but instead of chocolate, I used berry superfood powder and adjusted the stevia—it tastes just like pb&j, only it’s low in carbs and sugar!). That will have to come later–my iCloud keeps getting “stuck”…does anyone else have this problem? I take all my pics with my iPhone, and it’s really convenient when they just show up in Aperture!

A couple days ago, I made something amazing in the kitchen—I won’t lie, I also made a couple things that were awful last week. But we’ll just chalk that up to experimenting, and focus on the good stuff!

Think of this as a bruschetta appetizer, but with caprese salad flavors, and made gluten and grain free with mini coconut flour flatbreads!


Make a half batch of coconut flour flatbread batter (1 egg, 1 tbsp coconut flour, etc). Let it sit for a few minutes—it will fluff up! In a frying pan, on medium, add 1 tbsp butter, and add batter in small dollops. Make them the size of your mozzarella slices! (Keep in mind that they spread a little)

What you need:

mozzarella cheese (I bought the small pre-sliced Belgioiso log—the slices looked like a perfect size, and they were!).
pesto (I bought Wegmans brand, but if I had basil I would have made it!)
grape tomatoes (cut them in eighths)

When your flatbreads are done on the bottom, turn the stove to medium-low, and flip them. Add a slice of mozzarella to each one and a spoonful of pesto. Put a lid on the pan so the cheese will melt and the pesto will get warm.

The mozzarella might start to slide a little bit, so nudge it back into the middle of your bread if you need to.

When the second side is done and the mozzarella is melted, put them on a plate and add tomatoes to each one.


There you have it—grain-free caprese bruschetta! It was really amazing. This makes about 6 or 7. You could make the full batch of flatbread batter and make extras if you’re really using it as an appetizer—I was just making it for myself, and I ate four for lunch. Ok, I’ll be honest, I actually had this for breakfast.


Thanks for your comments and emails about my post yesterday—you made me feel good!

Today, I had very minor surgery—to put it bluntly, I had chunks of skin and moles removed from my stomach that were “atypical.” It didn’t hurt at all because they numbed the area, but damn, it hurts now! I don’t know how many internal stitches there are, but there are 22 on the outside. I can’t look at it yet because it has a pressure dressing on it till tomorrow. I will admit I watched them do part of it. I couldn’t quite see all of the cutting and stitching—I shouldn’t have watched. I’ll just put it that way. But the real reason I’m telling you about this (because the pain sucks, but it’s no big deal in the scheme of things!) is because I should’ve worn sunscreen more often when I was younger. I tan very easily, so I never worried about it, and frankly, when I was 18 I really didn’t care. I have never used tanning beds consistently (a few times before going on vacation), so this is just what happened as a result of a low-sunlight-NY girl thinking she was invincible and the skin cancer rules didn’t apply to her. Apparently, they did. And it’s possible they’re going to have to go back and remove more. But that bridge will not be crossed unless it needs to be.

And I will have big ugly scars on my stomach from now on. I’m not super vain, and I’m old enough to not be dramatic about it, but it’s not ideal.

The moral: Learn from my mistakes. Wear sunscreen.



Remember this song?!  Ha. Well, seriously, I should’ve listened to the sunscreen part. I think I do pretty well at the other advice in there.

What about you? What rules did you follow, and what things would you go back and do differently?


19 thoughts on “Caprese Bruschetta + Wear Sunscreen”

  1. The bruschetta looks awesome!  So cute!  I hope you feel better and it heals quickly — 22 stictches?   Ouch!!!!

  2. Sunscreen is a must for me. No question about it. I tan easily even with sunscreen on. I did the tanning bed thing in college and definitely regret it now. Not that I have any problem and I get checked for skin cancer, but after my grandfather died from melanoma that went into his brain, I regret any unprotected sun exposure I’ve gotten. Always better to be safe than sorry. 

  3. Heather (Where's the Beach)

    I am a sunscreen Nazi. I keep a sports variety in my gym bag and have Jason’s bag stocked as well. I have red hair. I’m not super fair, but definitely have freckles and moles. I’ve had a few removed and checked so I know how you feel tonight. Hope they heal up quickly. And um, love the looks of the caprese bruschetta. YUM

  4. with my spa and skincare background, I am always touting the benefits of sunscreen! I love that BL song…

    these bruschetta look so good – I will be making them!

  5. well, I have a big huge six inch scar down the middle of my belly. Again, not ideal, but it is what it is and I’ve never been a midriff queen anyway. At least you’re being healthy! I hope it feels better soon!

  6. ouch! take care, lisa, and i hope you are not too uncomfortable for too long. and thank you for the gentle reminder – i am totally guilty. i have never worn sunscreen faithfully, i love to look tanned, lay out when i was younger, vacationed in aruba…yikes. and thanks for sharing the recipe – the little breads are so cute!
    again, hope you’re back to regular activities asap!

  7. Gina (Candid RD)

    I used to tan ALL THE TIME when I was in high school.  Yep, I didn’t have a care in the world, now I regret it big time.  I mean, not only will I wrinkle easier now, but I have a greater risk of cancer, SUCH a BUMMER.  I now wear sunscreen whenever possible, and if I don’t have it on I don’t stay out long (15 minutes for vitamin D!).
    Thanks for the great recipe.  I love capresse!!  Now I want to see that PB Cup recipe you were talking about.  Post that one soon, pleasssse!!

  8. Ohhh I’m so sorry you are in pain now after the surgery — yikes, and that you WATCHED it? You are my hero, seriously. I’d probably pass out LOL. But seriously, I’m glad you’re ok and I hope there is nothing more to this than atypical cells. Great reminder on sunscreen — I could defnitely stand to be even more diligent about it. That’s for sure. PS. Can’t wait for the PB cup recipe!! 🙂

  9. Lisa_healthy_diaries

    First of all, I’m glad your surgery went well yesterday, but I’m sorry that you’re in pain while everything heals! 🙁
    Skin cancer runs in my family, so I’ve been taking it seriously since my early 20’s and always wear sunscreen. I too tan very easily and didn’t wear it always growing up. (No one wears it in Italy..)

    Second, these Caprese Brushetta’s sound delicious! I love pesto and love anything with fresh mozzarella and tomatoes. Such a perfect summer dish!

  10. i’m honestly not that good about wearing sunscreen. i need to be better. i know it’s for long-term health…hearing stories like this always inspire me to be better with it, so thank you! i just LOVE how i look tan :-/

  11. I absolutely LOVE  really fresh mozzarella cheese, so this recipe sounds amazing! I am extremely fair skinned and have had a few scares myself so you are right – wearing sunscreen is so very important! I hope you feel better soon Lisa. 

  12. Ohhh good lord these bruschetta bites look amazing!! I love’s the only cheese I really miss right now. I’m glad your minor surgery went well! I am fortunate to have had no problems thus far in my life with skin conditions due to sun exposure. I used to go tanning DAILY when I was in HS and even into my college years. I have avoided the beds for a while now, and embrace my casper like complexion. 

  13. Those bruschetta look amazing!!  I definitely need to pick up cheese and pesto and make them…mmm…

    Oh no, I’m sorry about your surgery!  I just had a friend recently go through the same thing.  I’m so fair-skinned the sun has always scared me a little…I definitely avoid it as much as possible! 

  14. Love your recipes, Lisa!  I do wear sunscreen…when I remember.  I can be somewhat lazy though.  I just have to take the time.

  15. The bruschetta sound delicious.  Hope you are feeling better soon. It is a pain, but I try to be vigilant about sunscreen.  I burned a lot as a kd not because I was being careless or invincible.  I am just very fair, and would burn before I realized it was time to reapply.

  16. Awww no! I hope you’re feeling okay! I was a world class idiot from age 8 on about wearing sunscreen. I was going to the dermatologist every 9 months since that’s how often he wanted to see me…because of my sun worshiping, eek! Moles scare me. I’m glad you’re okay though!!1

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