Spring Came Early….

I’ve been really busy playing outside for the last few days—it’s not every spring that the sun shines in March in New York state!

Walking…playing, and just sitting. There’s this feeling like I have to soak it all in, just in case it goes away.

I made orange creamsicle ice cream, and realized the frozen to-be-ice-cream was just as good (or better?) than the actual ice cream. Of course it's sugar free (I used orange extract, stevia, coconut cream...)
But the ice cream was good too. And it made me realize that this "antique" rug made out of clothes from my mom's childhood needs to be cleaned (but I'm afraid it might fall apart).
I swear I wasn't stalking, but I walked into the mall behind this woman and her daughter, and it just made me happy. I love kids.


I could never make paint cans look like art, but I really appreciate that some people can.
This is one of the dresses I ordered from Athleta---I'm trying to be less workout-clothes-y this summer, and more actual clothes (but still comfy---we like to call it "daytime pajamas" around here)
Here's the other dress I ordered....plus two bathing suits, which I'm not feeling inclined to display on the Internet.
4 of my 5 favorite little people...remember how much fun it was to play outside in the spring when you were a kid? Now that I look at this, I realize that none of them look happy, but I swear they all were!


I have more photos from today, but my iCloud/Photostream is not cooperating, so I’m going to let it go for now, and just go sit on my porch with a glass of wine and my best friend.

Is your weather great? What are you doing to enjoy it? 


20 thoughts on “Spring Came Early….”

  1. I love Athleta dresses! they are perfect summer every day kind of dresses, comfortable but not workouty. 😉

    I could go for some orange creamsicle ice cream right now… sounds great…

  2. Tyler and I walked to the park today and did lots of climbing and sliding.  The weather has been so nice, so we have been going out for lots of walks, and I am lucky that he still loves to ride in the stroller.

  3. wow, we are sharing the same spring conditions, lisa!! truly amazing.
    yesterday, it hit 24 degrees (sorry don’t know the fahrenheit – high 70s??!) and the sun was strong! i am with you on the love.
    glad you’re enjoying a mix of work and play, social and solo time! cleaning will always be there (that’s what i am telling myself, too!).

  4. Ah, I miss stroller days! We’re into bike riding now, so I’m just nervous about traffic the whole time (cemetery is a great place to go without traffic once your little guy gets big enough to ride things on his own!)…

  5. love love the dresses, i need to buy some more cute dresses for this Spring and Summer! 
    the weather has been great till last night where we got a really bad rain storm. 

  6. Heather (Where's the Beach)

    I really like those dresses. We are having pretty good weather here. I am definitely happy about the warm temps.

  7. Love your dresses!  We’ve been having spring weather this last week too, but we are supposed to be getting some snow today!  🙂  I keep telling people summer isn’t here quite yet, even though it feels like it!

  8. Loveeeee the dresses! The weather here has been awesome. Been getting lots of walking/running in

  9. I LOVE those dresses! I can’t afford Athleta. I really want their clothes though! I’m so jealous. Your arms look great in those dresses too! The weather here has been great, but the pollen is miserably high. I’m enjoying the sunshine though. Enjoy your wine, I’m off to enjoy a mocie with my boys. 

  10. Your dresses are too cute! I should really look into those since I live in workout clothes and could use a little upgrade! It is definitel getting warmer here and I love it!! We went on a few long walks this weekend to soak it in! 🙂

  11. Daytime pajamas are where it’s at! Those dresses are super cute, just like that toddler who clearly got to pick out her own outfit. So adorable 🙂

  12. it got so so warm here too! its crazy but I am loving it, I am much more a fan of spring than winter. the dress looks really nice, you should buy more dresses, it fits u so well! 🙂

  13. OMG LOVE those dresses!! And might I add – you look super hot and fit in them, girl!! 🙂

  14. The summer has been awesome in Chicago as you’ve heard 🙂
    That dress looks super cute on you! Can I please have your arms?? 🙂

  15. I hate bothering you but I LOVE the athleta dresses you have on! Do the sizes run pretty true? I’m trying to decide between a xxs and an xs any thoughts? Thanks

  16. Hi Wendy, I find their stuff usually runs a little big. So, I bought the dresses in xxs and I’m 5’4″ and about 115lbs with athletic build. In most brands I would buy xs, but I find that in athleta I have better luck with xxs small. The dresses are just a touch tight in the top area, but they still fit. I tend to be smaller around my midsection and have muscular thighs! I feel like in the xxs small dresses, if I were to gain any weight (or eat a huge meal, lol), I’d probably be uncomfortable since there is no extra room at all. Good luck! I love Athleta! I just got an order yesterday… 🙂

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