New Things: Bought, Made, and Eaten

Aside from being more social this past weekend than I normally have time for, I also have been feeling kind of…um, spendy lately.

I go through phases—when I don’t spend any money at all (except, you know, on things like gas and food), and other times when it’s just flowing out as fast as (or faster than) it’s coming in.

A few of the best things I’ve bought in the past week….

I realize this isn't a big ticket item, but it looked interesting -- and I bought three different kinds, just to see if I liked them. I do.


Don't ask me about the price tag on this one, but I'll tell you that it dries my hair in less than 5 minutes.


This isn't actually a new-to-me product, but I just opened a new jar, and I would like to list it here just for emphasis. Because it's that good.
Shouldn't we all eat off plates that tell us "It's Okay" ? ........I think so.
I have an affinity for mismatched dishes, and only buy one or two at a time. Joe didn't get it when he met me. Well, maybe he still doesn't, but I'm convinced that now he just thinks it adds to my charm (and the difficulty in putting different sized things together in a cupboard).

I also made something new a couple days ago…

I made strawberry coconut cream ice cream that is amazing...but I concluded that the ice cream maker method is NOT the way to go with this.


I need to re-do the strawberry flavored version with the freeze and blend method before I post it.


I thought I would write something of substance today (my ideas were things like CLA and grass fed foods, how to use twisting yoga poses for organ massage–and why the heck would you want to do that, or the benefits/reasons for consuming whey). But, the thing is, apparently I thought I was a rock star this morning and got up when Joe did at 4:20. He left for a work trek, and I sat at the computer till I went to the gym with a client and then did an additional 53 minutes of leisurely cardio (you gotta know when to stop, right?). I also went in the sauna, went shopping (and bought clothes/shoes), washed my car (!), went on a walk with my mom, and did laundry. So I’m tired, and I plan to watch Bethenny tonight and not think much.

I do have something of substance to share, if you’re interested in the controversy about the low fat diet (obviously, I’m NOT a low-fat fan). By the way, I agree with this article (I feel like I may have channeled my thoughts into this doctor’s brain for much of it, but I guess I can’t take credit for that and sound valid, so I’ll just feel validated that there are smart people who agree with me on this topic).

A Heart Surgeon Talks About What Really Causes Heart Disease


How was your Monday?

What new things have you bought lately?


15 thoughts on “New Things: Bought, Made, and Eaten”

  1. What is in the jar?  I see the word “Butter” but can’t see what kind of butter.  I did some shopping on Sunday, but only bought summer clothes for the little guy and a new rug for out entryway.  Not too exciting.

  2. Interesting article!   And I am definitely looking for a new hair dryer, but I don’t think I want to know how much that costs!  hehehe  I’ll stick with taking longer to blow dry my hair!

  3. Heather (Where's the Beach)

    I grew up with professional hair dryers and curling irons (my mom is a hair dresser) and they are sooo worth the money. And I need plates, bowls, and cups with that quote 😉

  4. Mine was good! I’m feeling a little better about getting things done right now. I am definitely enjoying my protein powder these days. Makes my fast meals that need to be healthy give me a little boost! 

  5. yep, used my plate today.  and my spendy bug has worn itself out.

    yoga 2x today had worn me out but i feel great.  😀

    and?  we’re going to carry the once again brand… i may text you with the list for suggestions on what to order.

  6. My Monday was pretty good! I taught a couple of classes and took a few from a good friend too! Sweat is beautiful right! That ice cream looks fantastic!

  7. I go in spendy and not so spendy patterns too. I pretty much never follow a grocery budget though, just try to curb my “target budget” as I call it. I went to H&M and bought a bunch of crap this weekend though… 

  8. i love that “it’s ok!” plate!! i am still working on my eclectic dishes collection that i started last year – your plate would be a fabulous addition (hint hint!).
    what a productive day! too funny that you got up so early…i love your mix of work and play activities.
    i go in streaks with spending, too…i’m “being good” right now!
    glad you just blogged what you felt like – it was fun to read!
    oh – i had a great monday – worked 11 hours but had a lot of fun and it was very rewarding.

  9. Love the cute plates!!! 😀 
    sounds like you got a lot done today!!!!
    I had a good day yesterday….got a lot of stuff done and got to spend time with some friends!

  10. I am not a fan of a low fat diet either ugh, don’t get me started…. I’m also in love with those anthro plates. My Monday was pretty normal nothing to special – work, workout, waste time watching The Bachelor and pass out!

  11. I will definitely keep an eye out for that candy — it looks good!  Love the “it’s okay” plate.  We are on the same wavelength, I just recently took a few pics of whey (which, I’ve concluded is impossible to make look appetizing in any way, lol) for a post I want to write on its benefits.  I have no idea when I’ll get around to actually writing the post though! 

  12. Love the plates! I too like to spend but I’m really getting tight and sticking to my spending budget. I think it’s the right thing to do since we’ll have more expenses with the baby coming!

    I recently purchased a new blow dryer. Stupid me threw out the box before I realized that I hate it and is the worst blow dryer ever!  Such a waste of money…

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