Dark Chocolate Avocado Pudding

I don’t have very much to say today…but I’m thinking I should gather my thoughts on acid reflux based on all the emails and messages I got after mentioning the aloe remedy for it in my last post! I hope that whoever tries the aloe will let me know how it goes, and what dose you end up sticking with—it helps me help other people too!  For now, we’ll just add another point to the scoreboard for the Food as Medicine team…

Today, I kept things simple in my schedule. I worked a lot, played a little, and I am thinking about relaxing for a bit now before I begin the process again tomorrow! My mom and I went on a long walk, and talked about how funny it is that now that the weather is so amazing, people are talking about how awful the summer might be—we decided not to do that, but just to enjoy the early warmth (and think about moving to Florida and having warm weather all the time!).

The perfect thing for me to eat on a day like this (or any day, really) is avocado pudding. It’s quick, easy, delicious, and doesn’t make too big of a mess! I have several ripe avocados from my last SoCal Avocados shipment (luckily they keep well for a couple weeks in the fridge when ripe!), and I used three today for pudding. I’ve found that pudding becomes smoothest when made in larger batches, but I’ve also found that the more I make, the more I eat…such a predicament be be in!

I’ve posted this recipe before, but I’ll post it again — and really, there’s not necessarily a recipe because the amounts you add really depend on your avo flavor and sizes, the type of cocoa you’re using, and how sweet you like your pudding! I also like to add protein powder sometimes, and to make vanilla flavored instead of chocolate.

Dark Chocolate Avocado Pudding

2-3 avocados
1/4 cup cocoa powder (I used Hershey’s Special Dark)
1/4 cup any kind of milk
1/4 cup maple syrup or other sweetener (I used stevia only–1 tsp)

Blend or process until smooth! I’d probably use a food processor unless you have a high-speed blender (like a vita-mix or blendtec). Remember—taste as you go and adjust the amounts accordingly!


Dark Chocolate Avocado Pudding - Amazing texture and flavor! I've used this as frosting too, and people don't even know they're eating avos!

I hope you’re having a great week!

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15 thoughts on “Dark Chocolate Avocado Pudding”

  1. Heather (Where's the Beach)

    I’ve never tried making an avocado pudding. I really can’t stand avocados but heard this is awesome. But, can you somehow make in a different flavor than chocolate?

  2. I often make it in a vanilla flavor—I usually add vanilla extract and vanilla protein powder for that. Of course, it’s still bright green…. I don’t know if the vanilla will cover up the avo taste enough for you! It works well for me, but I’m trying to envision it for someone who hates avos! Maybe you would like the coconut cream one better?!
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  3. that pudding looks awesome!!! i love avocados, so I’ve been wanting to make it for a while….now i really need to go buy the ingredients! 

  4. Mmm, this would have been perfect today!  It’s been so hot here I think my body just isn’t used to it yet because I  haven’t had much of an appetite.  Wish I had some avos on hand!  🙂

    Just noticed you’re at 800 FB fans — congrats!!

  5. what a lovely day you enjoyed, lisa! glad you got to chat and daydream about florida with your mom – i know we have talked about the weather a lot (and that is how EVERYONE up here is starting conversations) but the temps and bright sunshine truly are spectacular!
    thanks for the tip that a ripe avocado will keep in the fridge for a couple of weeks – i’ave had some pretty ripe ones and was not sure how long i had….i appreciate knowing, now!
    enjoy today, too!
    i will pass on any acid reflux tips to my mom – she gets aggravated from time to time with this issue.

  6. I haven’t been able to find avocadoes in months!  I check every week, but no luck.  I love choco-cado pudding.

  7. Oh I still need to try this pronto!  Every time you post this pudding I’m instantly in for a craving!

  8. I’ve only made avocado pudding once, but I love it! I made mine very similar to your recipe. I did only use 1 avocado so it was hard to get super smooth, but next time i’ll definitely use 2!

  9. This is awesome. I am a raw food chef, and substitute the cocoa for Raw Cacao Powder. It rocks!@ maple syrup is great but also agave or stevia if sensitive. Cayenne powder, Celtic Sea Salt or vanilla, etc if wanting an exotic taste!

  10. Made this today with stevia. For the milk, I skimmed the cream off of a can of coconut milk and I added a lot of chia seeds. I ate it before I went to the gym and I had a ton of energy!

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