Chocolate Coconut Cream Mousse (grain/gluten free and dairy free)

I’ve tried twice to convert my vanilla coconut cream and cherry berry coconut cream recipes into a chocolate version. The first attempt…was awful. Not sweet enough. Too much cocoa. But it had a great texture, so I knew there was hope!

The second time… it was amazing (and then I replicated that version just to make sure).

I realize that none of my pictures turned out very good. I'll take more the next time I make it (probably tomorrow). It's hard to capture the texture accurately in a photo!

One thing to remember is that you’ll have to adjust the amount of sweetener according to (1) your taste and (2) the cocoa you use. I try to use high quality cocoa (or cacao) that is not processed with alkali (not Dutch Cocoa) because the unprocessed version has so many more wonderful nutritional qualities.

Ever since I read Naked Chocolate (by David Wolfe and Shazzie…two raw foodists who are often seen as extreme, but they sure are very knowledgeable about cacao!), I’ve tried to add more high quality chocolate to my life (and have not felt even an ounce of guilt about it!).

In the book, Cacao is described as an ancient “food of the Gods” and includes: anandamide, arginine, epicatechins, histamine, magnesium, phenylethylamine (PEA), polyphenols, salsolinol, serotonin, theobromine, tryptophan, tyramine, and Vitamin C.

What do those things do:

  • heart support
  • increasing brainpower
  • natural laxative
  • soothing menstruation
  • muscle relaxation
  • bone building
Anandamide is actually known as the bliss chemical, and this fills receptors in the brain that also receive THC from marijuana. So, to a much lesser degree, chocolate can get you “high.” More in a way of mood regulation, memory, and it helps regulate appetite and pain perception.

That said, raw cacao is not very tasty on its own. It kind of tastes like mineralized dirt. (Are you sold on it yet?!). What Americans think of as chocolate is mostly sugar and fat with a side of cocoa…the real thing is not sweet!

For this coconut cream, I used this cocoa:


Could be better. Could be worse!

This isn’t a product I would normally buy, but I was in Tops and it was the only choice (and I’m too impatient to wait till I go to a health food store). I figured it would be as close as I could get to unprocessed cocoa, and I’m not afraid of indulging once in a while anyway (even if it may seem like I never do!).

You could use this as frosting too—the texture is perfect for that (and I’ll be testing it out this weekend!).

Chocolate Coconut Cream Mousse

Mix (I used a hand mixer with the whisk beaters):

1 8oz container coconut cream
1 Tbsp Cocoa powder
2-3 Tbsp sweetener

Mix until well combined!


  • I used the 8.45 ounce pack of coconut cream from Wilderness Family Naturals. A canned version would work too.
  • Refrigerate your coconut cream ahead of time, open it from the lighter (weight) end, and pour off any liquid that separated from the cream. This is not an essential step, but I always do it (I think it may make the end product just a little thicker).
  • For the cocoa, you could add more to taste after you mix it—since my cocoa was extra dark, 1 T was enough.
  • I used powdered ZSweet, you could use powdered sugar, maple syrup, honey…I tried stevia the first time and that did not work well. But I also added too much cocoa that time—so use stevia at your own risk!
  • I powdered the ZSweet (which is a combination of Erythritol and Stevia with equal sweetness to sugar) in a coffee grinder.
  • ZSweet is the same thing as Truvia, I just choose not to use Truvia because it’s owned by Coca-Cola and distributed by Cargill.

This is my favorite coconut cream combination yet. In fact, I ate the entire batch in one day. I bet it would be amazing if it were turned into ice cream too.



This chocolate mousse a great combination of light, smooth, and rich---it's not super heavy in spite of the healthy fat content. It may appear a little lumpy in the pics, but it really wasn't!

Are you a chocolate lover? Do you prefer dark or milk chocolate?

I have changed over time to appreciate and love dark chocolate, even the 87% dark version. I also enjoy adding cacao nibs to things, but I won’t pretend there isn’t something fabulous about a dark rich sweet chocolate dessert (or breakfast!).

What do you have planned for the weekend?

I went to two yoga classes today, just like last Friday. The first is an open level class, and the second is advanced (lots of fun arm balances and more challenging poses). For a tight person like me, using the first class as a nice long warm-up is perfect! This weekend, I’m going to catch up on work, go to the gym, visit my grandparents, and visit with some friends. It should be pretty low key, and I’m really looking forward to it! I think I’ll have plenty of time to play in the kitchen.


16 thoughts on “Chocolate Coconut Cream Mousse (grain/gluten free and dairy free)”

  1. Caca0 helps soothe menstruation???  I actually just got some cacao nibs and tried them for the first time .. they tasted kinda nutty to me I think?  But I liked them!  Once again, your coconut creme creations look awesome!  I do love chocolate, and have changed over time to liking darker chocolate.  Have a great weekend!

  2. it’s so fun that your most successful version of this recipe, to date, includes chocolate!! i do love chocolate – and after trying the dark versions, i really enjoy them. milk chocolate tastes run-of-the-mill (can i say cheap?!).
    we had a nutritionist in last eve to speak to the 5k clinic and she gave the thumbs up to coconut oil, and 75% or greater dark chocolate – i thought of you!
    enjoy your weekend plans! hearing you talk about yoga makes me want to restart!

  3. I believe the high magnesium content of cacao is the primary reason it assists with menstruation symptoms. Also, the anandamide content is related to mood balancing, and cacao in general assists with hormone balance. I’m gonna have it for breakfast!!!
    Cacao does have a nutty flavor in my opinion too—It’s so interesting to me how when I try something new (I think I first tried cacao about 7 years ago), it can taste awful, but then the more I eat it, the more I can distinguish and enjoy the flavors! One of my favorite snacks is to take a tiny bowl and add a tbsp of cacao nibs, a tbsp of goji berries, and a tbsp of cashew pieces or shredded coconut—it’s better than any granola bar if you ask me 🙂

  4. I love chocolate! I prefer dark chocolate. I used to prefer milk but I think dark is so much more satisfying and easy to enjoy slowly and savor. I made a chocolate fondue once with a recipe I found on using cocoa, but I bought a Stop & Shop generic brand since it was cheaper. Prob very processed but I’ve used it twice to make this fondue and it’s GREAT for fruit dipping.
    As you know I leave for FL today 🙂 in a couple hours I have to wrap up my homework/blog work and go home to get ready to depart!

  5. Lisa bought some of the coconut cream you use, and I have been waiting for her to give me some so I can make some coconut pudding! I can’t wait any longer!

    I’ve been doing yoga a few times a week using the website YogaGlo, you recommended on fb. It’s so convenient and awesome. Thank You!

  6. I’m so glad you like yogaglo! I find that it helps me do yoga and not find excuses for putting it off!
    You’re going to love the coconut is amazing!

  7. Mmmmm…fondue!
    Also…I kinda miss Stop and Shop! I used to live outside boston, and I was horrified when I first went in there (I was used to Wegmans), but I got used to it and now I just feel nostalgic about my Stop and Shop days…

    Have so much fun in Florida!

  8. Yay for nutritionists giving good information!!! I often get frustrated because people I work with come back and tell me they talked to a nutritionist who advised them to stop using coconut oil because of the sat fat content…at least Canada is getting is right!
    And yes…I agree on the milk chocolate tasting cheap—it’s so far removed from actual chocolate…I took a bite of some a while ago and it kinda tasted like soap…ick!
    Have a great day—I’m off to do yoga!

  9. I LOVE dark chocolate and have two rows of a G&B (organic 70%) bar after lunch every day. I appreciate the health benefits but, more than that, it’s my “reward” for eating well!

    This weekend…cleaning up the stacks of junk at home. Plus, doing some writing and researching.   Saturday night, up to visit my boyfriend. Making lemon sole for dinner and maybe Irish coffees for dessert. St. Pat’s is coming but I’m starting early!

  10. You would look for either unprocessed cocoa (look at the label and make sure it doesn’t say “processed with alkali) or raw cacao powder. I usually buy Navitas Naturals Cacao powder because I can find it in health food stores, and I don’t have to order it online. There is some controversy about cacao powder, and what sources are the best. I think the most important thing to look for is “raw” and “organic” …then you know it hasn’t been heated (which would destroy many of the nutrient benefits) and it was not processed with any chemicals.
    Live Superfoods is my favorite brand to buy online. If you like dark chocolate, the Cacao Berry Clarity is amazing!

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